Oha-Sok is an elemental who appears in original Final Fantasy XIV during the White Mage questline.

Profile[edit | edit source]

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Story[edit | edit source]

During the Fifth Astral Era the uncontrolled abuse of the aether brought on the wrath of the elementals. The rage of the elementals against the abuse of magic reached a crescendo in the form of Oha-Sok who decided to eliminate the warring factions with a catastrophic flood. Oha-Sok still had hope for humanity and decided to observe them during the Sixth Astral Era. Oha-Sok took up residence within the Nirvana staff.

When the staff was left in Lifemend Stump to be repaired by the moogles, Oha-Sok had it stolen by Twelveswood creatures so that it would fall into the hands of a common man. At Raya-O-Senna's request, the adventurer retrieves the staff. Taking the staff to Raya-O, Oha-Sok knew that the Padjal can sense elementals and doubt panicked. She passed herself off as one of the raging elementals and attacked the adventurer only to have Raya-O use her white magic and believe she had pacified her.

When Raya-O talks to the adventurer about the need for city-states to strengthen their military might for war, Oha-Sok intervenes in the conversation saying that this is a mistake. She says that conflict is not the way and that men will just repeat the same mistake again leaving a trail of death and misery. Oha-Sok also says to remember the Gelmorra pact and disappears. Oha-Sok watches the adventurer soothing the fury of the elementals for Eorzea. Eventually Oha-Sok reveals her true identity and disappears.

Oha-Sok's return to Twelveswood has caused the elementals to intensify their fury, and Raya-O asks the adventurer to calm the elementals. Oha-Sok appears on the scene to save the adventurer and calm the wrath of her kindred. Oha-Sok then offers to stay by the adventurer's side by transforming herself into the final artifact of the garb of succor, the Healer's Robe.

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