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Ogul Khatayin is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV.


Inspired by the Warrior of Light who fought for Mol in Naadam, Ogul embarked on her own journey. She landed at Yedlihmad in Thavnair where she was horrified that the island was populated by Matanga. Such fear is due to the Gajasura Matanga who are enemies of the Xaelas Au Ra in Azim Steppe. Ogul became desperate to earn enough coins to buy a ship ticket and leave the island as soon as possible. Ogul recognizes the Warrior of Light and asks him to escort her to Kancana, a woman who supposedly has offers of well-paid jobs.[1]

To Ogul's displeasure, Kancana is a Matanga. Despite Ogul's fearful reaction, she accepted an escort service from an Arkasodara master craftsman. Once they meet the craftsman, Ogul cannot stand her fear and decides to collect the materials for the order by herself. Ogul tries to defend an injured Arkasodara craftsman from a beast but ends up faltering due to the fear of the craftsman himself but is eventually saved by Warrior of Light. Once the escort is completed, Ogul and the Warrior of Light return to Kancana to receive payment.[1]

Ogul continued to take a few more jobs, and Kancana offers a job to help a local Arkasodara fisherman with his monster problem. During the hunt, Ogul feels that her fear of Matanga has diminished somewhat.[2] Just as Ogul is about to accept her next job, her coin purse is stolen by a boy. Sympathizing with the situation, Kancana offers to host her for the night. As soon as they arrive at the house, they see a looter running away from the place and Ogul goes in pursuit without a second thought, but ends up losing him.[3]

In a joint plan with the Warrior of Light, Ogul baits the boy into stealing her wallet again and they follow him to his employer to ambush them. Seeing the Arkasodara contractor threatening the boy, Ogul overcomes her fear and captures him. The boy named Racashir apologizes and says that he will reveal everything to the authorities. Racashir says that his parents were unemployed and that he saw no choice but to steal. Ogul sympathizes with the boy and lets the boy keep the money he had stolen from her. Ogul said that she could get the money back quickly if she continued to do jobs for Kancana.[4]




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