Ogre Mages, also known as WzOgres and Wiz.Ogres, are enemies from Final Fantasy II, and often appear in tandem with Ogres and Ogre Chiefs. Ogre Mages wield a variety of spells, including Blind 4, Blizzard 5, Sleep 4, and Blink 3. They will often cast the offensive and status-afflicting spells on the whole party at once, and tend to cause quite a bit of irritation by putting several warriors to sleep at once, or blinding warriors and casting Blink 3 on themselves. To counter the status effects, make sure to have a couple characters wielding Basuna and Esuna spells, and carry around several Eye Drops. When Ogre Mages appear with other enemies, as they often do, focus all your attention on removing them from the battle first, before moving onto their support creatures.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

An ogre is a mythical creature found in West European folklore. Ogres are typically depicted as large, mean-spirited, humanoid monsters that prefer to feed on human beings.

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