Ogre Bear is an boss in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light fought in the Animal Burrow. It is a large version of a normal bear. It is encountered when Aire tries to reach Guera, but is attacked by the Ogre Bear because she smells like a human. Aire is scripted to be defeated, but the bear fought a second time in the Animal Burrow in an optional battle.



Ogre Bear is supposed to kill Aire when first encountered. The party can challenge it again in the Animal Burrow once the world is flooded with darkness. Ogre Bear is powerful and the only way to enter the Animal Burrow is to be in animal form with decreased stats.


There are some workarounds to the adverse effects of being in animal form: one is to have someone equip the Beastmaster crown, which negates the stat reduction. Another way to beat it is to have Energy Screens, which grant immunity to physical attacks but have the party take quadruple damage from magic attacks. Ogre Bear only uses melee attacks, but this method isn't recommended as Energy Screens can only be bought as prizes at multiplayer shops, and cost 8,000 points.


An ogre is a mythical creature found in West European folklore. Ogres are typically depicted as large, mean-spirited, humanoid monsters that prefer to feed on human beings.

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