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I hate oglops!!!
—Adelbert Steiner

The oglop (ブリ虫, Burimushi?) is an insect in the world of Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. They are generally considered pests.

Profile Edit

Oglops are yellow beetles with large eyes. Uncommon to insects, they have eyes akin to mammals' with eye lids and pupils. They also have four legs rather than six. A regular oglop is large enough fit into a person's palm.

Many girls are scared of oglops, one of the things which Princess Garnet has to learn when she tries to conceal herself as a commoner while in the village of Dali. She spots an oglop on the old woman's farm and holds it. When the woman seems perplexed by the idea of a girl liking oglops, Garnet screams and tosses the insect away in an attempt to blend in better.


Oglop oil is one of the most popular medicines on the market, and along with mountain oglop oil is sold by Milla's Oil Shop in Lindblum. A female Red Mage, visiting the city for the Festival of the Hunt, considered buying some as a souvenir but decided that it was too disgusting. In Conde Petie, seasoned oglop is considered a delicacy, at least by the dwarf Bryan Rootrunner, who laments the fact that oglops can only be found on the mountain path.

Story Edit

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The Tantalus Theater Troupe uses oglops to distract Steiner and the crowd by letting a bag of them loose in the Prima Vista's engine room, while they are kidnapping Princess Garnet. Blank has the oglops concealed within his armor, but during the battle with Steiner his armor is blown off, and the oglops begin jumping everywhere sending Steiner screaming and running around in a panic.

Cid Oglop

The Regent of Lindblum, Cid Fabool IX, was turned into an oglop by his wife Hilda as an act of revenge for his infidelity to their marriage. Despite still retaining some human characteristics, Cid was unable to keep working on his airship projects, blaming the loss of creative drive to his transformation. Zidane must help Cid return to his human form by obtaining three specific potions but this only turns Cid into a frog. Later on, in a bid to save Eiko from Kuja in Mount Gulug, the party rescues Hilda who turns Cid back into a human.

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Gameplay Edit

Eiko the cook Edit

During Eiko's cooking mini game in Madain Sari, the player has the option to add an oglop in the stew. If they do, however, the dinner will be spoiled as Eiko's dinner guests are disgusted at the discovery of having eaten an oglop. The oglop for the stew must be caught from Conde Petie Mountain Path, where oglops congregate but are a bit tricky to catch.

Tetra Master Edit

Tetra Master
Location: Treno, Card Stadium, Conde Petie.
Cid plays the card in the card tournament finals in Treno (disc 3).
If the player catches an Oglop in the Conde Petie Mountain Path and bring it to Bryan Rootrunner in Conde Petie, he'll give the party an oglop card (disc 2).
Oglop card can be won from Oglop Master Bon once the player has access to the Treno Card Stadium.

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