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Official Quests are a type of Original Quest for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. They are canon storylines released for download by Square Enix that expand events mentioned but not seen in the game, and often pick up on events that occurred before or after specific cutscenes in the Theater. The player can use any character they like in these quests, but there are recommended characters for each quest.

None of the official quests have been released in English; as such, the quest titles and story summaries presented here are approximate translations of the Japanese quests.

List of Quests[]

Yuna's Quest 012: In Such A Place[]

Leads into Theater 032: The Long Way Around
Recommended character: Yuna

Yuna and Lightning are travelling together when they receive a call from Cosmos to return to Order's Sanctuary. Lightning is irritated by being called back so soon after being sent out, but Yuna tells her that this means it must be important. The two set out and encounter Golbez, who tells them he has seen others returning as well. Yuna and Lightning ask why he didn't fight them, and Golbez explains it would be foolish to fight the enemy at their camp – out here, though, is another matter.

Yuna battles Golbez, and he departs, musing aloud that Cosmos has begun her plan and the warriors who are to carry it out must be strong. Vaan arrives and the three continue on, meeting with Laguna, Tifa and Kain at the Interdimensional Rift. Kain points out that Laguna was leading Tifa in the wrong direction, and when Vaan points out he's holding his map upside-down, Laguna turns it around and leads the group in the "proper" direction.

Vaan's Quest 012: A Voice to Call Back[]

Leads into Theater 032: The Long Way Around
Recommended character: Vaan, level 30

Vaan receives a call from Cosmos to return to Order's Sanctuary, and on his way back finds Tidus. Vaan asks if Tidus wants a fight and Tidus reluctantly challenges him, but first asks how much Vaan has remembered. The two fight, and afterwards Tidus recovers some of his memories, asking if Vaan knows someone called Jecht, but Tidus leaves before Vaan can explain more. Vaan continues on and meets with Yuna and Lightning, where he asks Yuna if she knows a boy his age who might be asking about Jecht. Yuna asks Vaan whether the boy was upbeat and cheerful, but his reply that his opponent was sad confuses Yuna, who decides to ask Jecht who it could be later.

Kain's Quest 012: A Dragoon's Betrayal[]

Occurs after Theater 043: Not Worth My Time
Recommended character: Kain

After striking down Bartz, Kain reflects that his plan to target Lightning next has to be postponed with Exdeath pursuing him. Worried about the Warriors of Chaos finding the place he is keeping his fallen comrades, Kain finds Ultimecia, who asks what he was speaking to Golbez about earlier, and says that Kain now slays friend and foe alike. Kain refuses to answer, and the two battle. Squall arrives and tells Kain that the horde of manikins is growing larger. Kain battles Squall, and strikes him down.

Tidus enters and asks if Kain is revealing killing his own allies, and whether his father, Jecht, is a target. Kain refuses to confirm this, but tells Tidus that he should hurry if he wishes to fight Jecht before Kain does. Kain continues on to Ultimecia's Castle, where he senses another warrior nearby, and thinks he must get to as many as he can before the manikins overwhelm them.

Tidus' Quest 012: A Dream in Chaos[]

Occurs after Quest 012: A Voice to Call Back
Recommended character: Tidus Level 80, Alt 2 outfit

A new addition to the cycle, Tidus cannot remember anything except a deep hatred for an unknown figure in his past. Having remembered the name "Jecht" after his fight with Vaan, Tidus speaks to Cloud as he tries to make his way to see Chaos, telling Cloud the memory is still blurred but that he remembers Jecht is his father. Cloud reflects that memory can give Tidus a reason to fight, but lacking a memory has its benefits as well. The Emperor speaks to Tidus, who tells him that he knows his father Jecht is fighting for Cosmos, but cannot remember anything else.

To help him recover more memories, the Emperor invites Tidus to fight him, secretly wondering if this development could lead him to further power. After the battle Tidus remembers clearly that he hates Jecht and wants to defeat him, and the Emperor sends him to find Jecht so he can fulfill his desire.

Cloud's Quest 012: You Should Have Disappeared[]

Occurs after Prologus
Recommended character: Cloud Level 60, Alt 2 outfit

Having been summoned to serve Chaos alongside Sephiroth, Cloud participated in the cycle faithfully until he saw Tifa fighting for Cosmos. Sephiroth speaks to Kefka about his desire to recover his lost memories, and though Kefka doesn't see the point of old memories, he tells Sephiroth that fighting someone from his own world will make him see things differently. Sephiroth doesn't understand his meaning and tracks down Cloud, intending to fight him. Before they can begin, Garland arrives, telling the two fighting between allies will not be tolerated as the loser will vanish.

Sephiroth departs but Cloud challenges Garland, wishing to confirm the truth of his words. They battle but Garland holds back, frustrating Cloud. Garland tells them that either of them killing the other would be pointless, and that Cloud's actions – not killing enemies, fighting his allies – have not gone unnoticed.

Cecil's Quest 012: A Re-encounter With a Close Friend[]

Occurs after Theater 034: The Goddess's Light
Recommended character: Cecil Level 50
Custom rules: Assist Charge up, EX Force Absorption up.

Having been summoned just this cycle, Cecil has only a few faint memories of his home. When Vaan mentions airships, Cecil's memory is sparked, and he goes to see Kain. Cecil tells Kain that they lead the Dragoons and Red Wings of Baron, and are childhood friends. Kain is pleased that Cecil has begun to remember, and the two have a sparring match in honor of Cecil's recovered memories. Afterwards, Cecil is frustrated by his other memories still being hazy, but Kain assures him that in time they will return as well.

Lightning's Quest 012: One Can Fight Together[]

Leads into Theater 024: Nothing To Talk About
Recommended character: Lightning

Having found Firion's wild rose, but unaware of whose it is, Lightning carries it for a time, often going off alone to take it out and look at it in private. Feeling the rose has some connection to a forgotten memory, Lightning is found by Yuna, who worries that Lightning is spending too much time alone. On another such occasion, Exdeath finds her, and mocks Lightning's dependence on a flower for memory. The two fight, and as Exdeath leaves, Lightning tells Yuna she has recovered more of her memories of her own world, and that her mission in this world – to fight for the gods as decreed by fate – is similar to something she was tasked with in her world. Yuna tells Lightning she can rely on her allies in this world to support her, and can think of them as friends. Lightning thanks Yuna for her help and tells her to refer to her as "Light".

Bartz's Quest 012: Mimicry And a Promise[]

Occurs before Theater 021: A Wild Rose
Recommended character: Bartz

Bartz travels with Laguna and Jecht looking for treasure, but when they fail to make progress they take a break. Laguna offers to go ahead and look around, but Bartz firsts asks Laguna to fight him, so he can learn to mimic Laguna's attacks. The two fight, Laguna only using his Ragnarok Blade HP attack so Bartz can learn to copy it. Bartz asks Jecht to fight him so he can try out what he's learned and also learn to mimic Jecht, but Jecht tells Bartz he'll teach him later since his skills are harder to copy. The two find a treasure chest, and satisfied, return to their friends.

Squall's Quest 012: The Shadow I Know I Saw[]

Leads into Theater 023: Good Brothers
Recommended character: Squall, Level 50

With Vaan and Laguna missing, Squall and the Onion Knight are left behind to search for them. The two discuss that Vaan and Laguna share the problem of talking too much, and when the Onion Knight asks if Squall knows Laguna he denies this, saying it doesn't matter to Laguna who he's speaking to. They split up to search, and Squall comes across Cloud. Cloud asks if Squall remembers him from their previous battle, and when Squall says they've never met Cloud alludes to the cycle of defeat erasing his memories. The two battle, and Cloud departs.

Afterwards Squall sees Laguna and calls out to him, but Laguna replies from behind him. Squall turns to look at where he thought he saw Laguna, but the figure is gone. Squall brushes off the encounter as him seeing a shadow, but the ending narration reveals that it was a manikin, and the first sign of their impending attack.

Firion's Quest 012: A Small Flower[]

Occurs after Theater 021: A Wild Rose
Leads into Theater 025: Keep It Safe For Me
Recommended character: Firion

Having found a flower with Laguna and Squall that Laguna called a "wild rose", Firion feels the words have some significance to him, but cannot remember. Turning back to find out why the other warriors are not following them, Firion comes across the Onion Knight, who sees Terra approaching. Under Kefka's mind control, Terra attacks them, and flees when defeated. Firion discusses the wild rose's connection to his memories with the Onion Knight, and the two head back to Laguna and Squall. However, once they arrive, Firion realizes that he has lost the rose, and upon looking for it discovers that Lightning has picked it up.

Sephiroth's Quest 012: The Hero's Memory[]

Occurs after Theater 029: Felt Like It
Recommended character: Sephiroth Level 95

Having recovered much of his memory from his fights with Cloud and Tifa, Sephiroth now recalls that his "Mother" intended to destroy the planet, and remembers the Lifestream, which circles the spirit energy of the dead around the planet to be reborn in a new vessel. Sephiroth thinks the purification of warriors in this war is the same, and thus there may have been thousands of fallen warriors waiting to have their spirits reborn into the cycle. Sephiroth wonders whether, if he took his own life, his energy would join theirs as a fallen warrior, or if he would be reborn again without memories as has happened this cycle already.

When Exdeath tells Sephiroth that the manikins are mindless vessels found in the Rift, Sephiroth wonders if this is the fate of those fallen warriors. Sephiroth commits suicide, represented in-game by him fighting another Sephiroth, and wonders what fate awaits his spirit and body in the next cycle before he perishes. The Emperor witnesses this and tells Garland, and the two are reminded of Gabranth's fate – when he tried to take his own life in a past cycle he was cast into the Rift. However, this did not happen to Sephiroth, and they wonder if the arrival of the manikins and the opening of a passage to the Rift to call them is the reason, their presence disrupting the cycle's established order.

Cloud of Darkness' Quest 013: The Power of Destruction[]

Occurs after Theater 098: Who's The Fool?
Leads into Theater 102: Protecting Terra
Recommended character: Cloud of Darkness Level 75

The Cloud of Darkness kidnaps Terra as Kefka planned, but questions the point when they have the manikins to fight for them. Kefka claims that the manikins' numbers are dwindling, and any source of power the Warriors of Chaos can use once Cosmos dies will be valuable. Kefka leaves, and Terra awakens, unable to control her power. The Cloud of Darkness fights her to see how strong she is, and Terra collapses. The Cloud of Darkness ponders if Terra is driven to fight for the gods or by her own desires, and senses the Onion Knight approach, wondering if his heart is stronger now and if it can manifest his Crystal for him.

Sephiroth's Quest 013: Shape of the World[]

Occurs after Theater 081: Those Who Converge Upon Castle Oblivion
Leads into Theater 101: Look After Our Comrades
Recommended character: Sephiroth Level 85

Sephiroth awakens in the thirteenth cycle, and though he was purified after taking his own life in the previous cycle, his memories of it remain, albeit fuzzy. Investigating whether Cloud is still a warrior for Chaos, Sephiroth is told by the Emperor that Cloud now fights for Cosmos, and that his memories will return if he fights Cloud and allows Cloud to obtain his Crystal. Sephiroth tracks down Firion, Cecil and Tidus, and while he has no desire to fight them since they aren't from his world, he battles Firion to claim his wild rose. Remembering that in the previous cycle Cloud was hesitant to fight, Sephiroth steals Firion's rose, intending to use it to goad Cloud into fighting him. Firion pursues him alone to reclaim it.

Cecil's Quest 013: Even I Don't Remember It[]

Occurs after Theater 164: The Bonds That Guide
Leads into Theater 185: Realize Your Dreams
Recommended character: Cecil

After defeating Golbez and claiming his Crystal, Cecil reunites with Tidus, Cloud, Onion Knight and Terra. They all have their Crystals, and Cecil thanks Tidus for his advice to confront Golbez that allowed him to obtain it. The group also reflects that it wasn't until they realized their personal reasons for fighting, aside from the bidding of the gods, that the Crystals appeared, and collecting them put their previously troubled minds at ease.

Kuja appears and tells the group that Firion is walking into the Emperor's trap, as he hates the Emperor and wishes to see his plans ruined. Cloud and Tidus go to help Firion while Terra battles Kuja, but is defeated. Cecil steps forward and asks if Kuja has anything in the world, friends or hopes, to hold onto like they do, but Kuja says he has no need for them as they're just ambiguities conjured by faded memories. The two battle, and Kuja is defeated. Terra admits Kuja's words shook her faith, but Cecil assures her that the bonds they've forged are real, as they've been forged fighting together in this world, not from their memories.

Gilgamesh's Quest 000: End of a Hero's Delusion[]

Occurs after Theater 020: Gilgamesh Exits!
Recommended character: Gilgamesh Level 95

Gilgamesh finds his way back out of the Rift and returns to where he fought Bartz. Instead, he finds Exdeath, and struggles to remember him. Exdeath tells Gilgamesh his name, but Gilgamesh mistakes him for Enkidu and challenges him, rejoicing in being "reunited" with his lost friend and cheering about their past battles. The two battle several times, Gilgamesh recovering his memories as he fights until realizes who Exdeath really is, causing the warlock to mock him. After a third battle Gilgamesh is consumed by a portal to the Rift, Exdeath noting that his fate to wander it forever suits him. The ending narration saying that it is unknown how Gilgamesh came into the cycle, by Exdeath or Chaos, and it is unknown when or if he will make his way back again.

Gilgamesh's Quest 000: From the Interdimensional Rift[]

Occurs after Theater 024: Nothing to Talk About
Recommended character: Gilgamesh Level 95

Finding his way back into World B again, Gilgamesh finds himself aboard the M.S. Prima Vista, where he encounters Prishe. A case of mistaken identity leads to Gilgamesh declaring himself a "Chaos warrior", and when he speaks of finding his archenemy, Prishe assumes that he means her, as one of Cosmos's best warriors. The two battle, but when Prishe is unsatisfied, she challenges him again. Before Gilgamesh can accept, however, a portal to the Rift consumes him, Prishe surprised by its appearance. She reports what she saw to Shantotto, who notes she should keep the Rift's existence in mind. The ending narration wonders when Gilgamesh will appear in the cycles of war again, something even Chaos and Cosmos cannot be certain of.

Shantotto's Quest 000: The Seeker's Destination[]

Occurs after Theater 015: I Know Exactly What We'll Call You
Recommended character: Shantotto Level 100

Having spent some time in World B fighting for Cosmos, Shantotto has discovered the purification of fallen warriors. When Prishe reports seeing Gilgamesh drawn into the Rift, Shantotto leaves Cosmos, the loss of her memories hindering her research on magic. Seeking to enter the Rift to escape the cycle, Shantotto destroys a Gateway entirely rather than just releasing it. Garland confronts her, surprised by her actions, and Shantotto explains that the Gateways are unstable spaces that could perhaps open a portal to the Rift when destroyed. Garland is outraged by her arrogance, claiming there is no escape from the cycle, and the two fight.

In the aftermath of the battle, a portal to the Rift opens. Garland warns Shantotto that she will be trapped forever if she enters the Rift, but Shantotto laughs that he said the same about escaping from the cycle, and enters the portal. The ending narration says Shantotto was never seen again, but rarely, fluctuations in space would appear to allow another to where she now exists, alluding to the Gateway in Confessions of the Creator that leads to Shantotto.

Gabranth's Quest 000: One Who Faces Hell[]

Occurs after Theater 015: I Know Exactly What We'll Call You
Recommended character: Gabranth Level 100

Having doubts over the war, Gabranth went to challenge Cosmos alone, and battled Shantotto to confront the goddess. Gabranth suddenly notes that he and Shantotto have fought before, and asks if Shantotto remembers him. Gabranth realizes that her memories have been erased so they will fight mindlessly, and tells Shantotto to ask Cosmos about the cycle and purification of fallen warriors. Deciding that there is no further point to hating an enemy or battling in a war such as this, Gabranth leaves and encounters Garland and the Emperor, who tell him that the endless war is the fate of a warrior and that they cannot defy the will of a god, even if they objected to his mission for them.

Gabranth says he will kill anyone who insists on making him fight, and when Garland asks if he means Chaos as well, the two fight. Garland encourages Gabranth to use all his strength, so he will not be purified in the next cycle and may be freed from the war as he wishes. Gabranth declares he will destroy himself then, but is suddenly pulled into a portal to the Rift. Garland tells the Emperor this is the fate of one who tries to defy the gods - they are ejected from the cycle, and when they submit to the will of the gods again they will then be reborn into the cycle.

Gabranth awakens in a hell dimension, wondering if he has truly escaped. The ending narration reveals that Gabranth remained in the hell dimension as an observer to the war, but when fluctuations in space allowed a few warriors to find him, he gave them trials to test their resolve before allowing them to return to the cycle.

Vaan's Quest ???: The Strayed Sky Pirate[]

Occurs at the same time as Theater 005: Falling Upon Hell
Recommended character: Vaan Level 100

A recent recruit for Cosmos, Vaan is travelling when he finds an odd Gateway. He enters it, but cannot find the exit. Gabranth finds him and says he will show Vaan the way out if Vaan battles him. Vaan accepts, and Gabranth notes that Vaan has strength and asks what he did to be sent here. Vaan says he wasn't sent, he found this place by accident, and Gabranth explains the dimension they are in is disconnected from the cycles of battle until they fight their way back, and it is a pointless battle. Vaan rejects this and Gabranth surmises he is a new warrior who does not realize the true nature of the war yet. They fight again, and Gabranth tells Vaan how he fought with pride for the gods, but was cast aside when he tried to question his role.

Vaan says that staying here is just as pointless as fighting, and they fight a third time. Gabranth then shows Vaan the exit as promised, but refuses to leave with him, choosing to remain behind to guard the dimension. Gabranth tells Vaan others often stray into the dimension and will need the same guidance that Vaan needed – and like him, Gabranth will make them fight to earn it.

Prishe's Quest 000: The Defeat of Cosmos[]

Occurs at the same time as Theater 015: I Know Exactly What We'll Call You
Recommended character: Prishe

After several cycles in which Cosmos has lost and Shinryu has purified her warriors, Garland arrives at Order's Sanctuary. Cosmos asks if the warrior who enjoys eternal conflict is tired of the cycles, but Garland replies he merely wishes to see the truth of the cycles and the purification with his own eyes - specifically, if a God would be purified as well. Cosmos accepts Garland's choice of action, saying that if she perishes her summoned warriors will vanish from the world. Garland questions her acceptance of this, and Cosmos says that to be a Goddess of Harmony in this world is the same as a Goddess of Death.

Meanwhile at the Empyreal Paradox, Gabranth challenges Prishe to a battle. Gabranth is defeated, but he laughs he was merely buying time, as by now Cosmos should have fallen and soon her warriors will vanish. The Warrior of Light and Prishe begin to fade away, Prishe vanishing first encouraging the Warrior to remember his name, even when he fades away. The Warrior races back to Order's Sanctuary, but is unable to make it before he too fades. The ending narration describes that the fates of those who vanished with Cosmos's death is something even the Great Will does not know, but one of them, the Warrior of Light, did not vanish like the rest and eventually reappeared.