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Of the High Seas is a time-limited event where Faris from Final Fantasy V can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 5.


Story CutscenesEdit

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Brought by the Winds:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 5: Palace of Malitia before playing.

  • Zidane: Guys, I think I see someone! Come on, they might be hurt!
  • Mog: We have to help them, kupo!

(The party finds Faris unconscious)

  • Zidane: Are you all right? Hey!
  • Bartz: Whoa! Hold up. That looks like—Faris!?
  • Tifa: Somebody you know?
  • Bartz: Yeah, we traveled the world together back home.
  • Bartz: Faris, you okay!? It's me, Bartz!
  • Bartz: This isn't good. Breathing, but barely. We've gotta do something.
  • Tifa: He must have nearly drowned...which leaves us with only one choice.
  • Cloud: What are you looking at me for?
  • Tifa: You know mouth-to-mouth.
  • Zidane: Did somebody say "mouth-to-mouth"? Like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?
  • Zidane: Don't you worry! One hot resuscitation coming right up!
  • Faris: Ungh... Where am I?
  • Cloud: Looks like you're off the hook.
  • Zidane: Guess I am...
  • Mog: I can sense the light in this one as well. First aid on the double, kupo!
  • Zidane: I've got this! A little potion here, and...
  • Zidane: ...But gosh, what a looker.
  • Bartz: You're gonna get it if you keep gawking.
  • Zidane: Uh-oh, I've gotta watch out for the bodyguard, too.
  • Rem: Bodyguard? What's he talking about?
  • Cloud: Beats me.
  • Rem: Zidane doesn't usually get this excited around other guys...
  • Cloud: Maybe he switched sides.
The Pirate Lord:
  • Steiner: Hmmm...
  • Y'shtola: Is there something on your mind?
  • Steiner: I'm worried about my subordinates in the Knights of Pluto back home. I hope they're doing all right without me.
  • Bartz: Hey, everybody!

(Bartz and Faris arrive)

  • Bartz: Faris finally woke up.
  • Zidane: Hey, there! I'm glad you're okay.
  • Faris: I was told you all helped me. Please allow me to express my gratitude.
  • Faris: I'm the pirate captain Faris. Nice to meet you.
  • Steiner: A pirate!?
  • Faris: My ship was sucked into a strange whirlpool, and I was separated from my men.
  • Faris: I found myself in unknown waters where my ship was attacked by monsters. I barely escaped with my life.
  • Faris: ...Is something the matter?
  • Steiner: Indeed, there is! I have no interest in consorting with the likes of a criminal! Begone!
  • Zidane: Oh brother, there he goes again.
  • Vaan: You know, I'm a sky pirate. Should I be gone, too?
  • Steiner: Ack! N-now that you mention it...!
  • Y'shtola: You were unaware till this moment?
  • Steiner: Sea pirates, sky pirates, bandits... Why do I attract so many ne'er-do-wells?
  • Bartz: Don't sweat the small stuff. Faris, you're coming with us, right?
  • Faris: The monsters are coming out of those Torsions you spoke of, aye? Payback is in order for what they did to my ship.
  • Faris: I'm happy to see you, but I'm worried about my men...
  • Steiner: You're worried about your men?
  • Faris: Aye, the whirlpool that got my ship might have gotten the lads as well.
  • Steiner: ...The compassion you have for your subordinates is most admirable...
  • Steiner: Master Faris, please forgive my insolence! I must extend my most sincere—
  • Faris: Oh, shove off. You don't need to apologize.
  • Faris: Anyway, I know my way around water. If you need a fella to help clean up the monsters around here, look no further!
  • Zidane: Great! Can't wait to see you at work!
  • Y'shtola: ..."Fella," is it? I see.
Identities Unveiled II:
  • Faris: We're coming for you, Lamia Queen! Don't let up, you landlubbers!
  • Zidane: Heh heh.
  • Faris: ...What're you smirking about?
  • Zidane: Oh, nothing. Just thinking how nice it is to be around a swashbuckling sweetie for a change.
  • Faris: A what...!?
  • Sazh: Zidane, you feelin' alright? I get Faris is good looking...but a "sweetie"?
  • Tifa: Hold on... Faris, are you a woman?
  • Faris: ...Well, looks like the cat's outta the bag.
  • Sazh: R-really!?
  • Faris: You got a problem with it?
  • Tifa: Bartz, why didn't you say anything!?
  • Bartz: I didn't know I was supposed to?
  • Cloud: How did you know?
  • Zidane: Cloud, Cloud, Cloud... Who do you think I am? I know a lady when I see one.
  • Cloud: ...Figures.
  • Tifa: But Faris, why'd you let us think you're a man?
  • Faris: It's how I grew up. Would you want to be the only girl on a ship full of pirates?
  • Sazh: Seriously?
  • Cloud: You didn't have a choice. But you don't need to pretend you're someone else around us.
  • Tifa: Well aren't you the sweetest? Or are you saying that because you've been in her shoes?
  • Bartz: Her shoes? Cloud, don't tell me...
  • Sazh: I don't know what to believe anymore.
  • Cloud: ...Sometimes you don't have a choice.
  • Bartz: Anyway, no more secrets! We're all in this together!

(Everyone walks away, except Sazh)

  • Sazh: I don't think I can handle any more secrets from this group...
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