Of Shinra and Legends was a Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The event was set in the Shinra Building and allowed the player to recruit Tifa and Sephiroth to the party. This was the first event in the international version of the game.

Scenario[edit | edit source]

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Cloud and his team have formulated a plan to infiltrate the Shinra Electric Power Company headquarters in central Midgar, where they suspect Aerith is being held for further study. He surmises that the building is under heavy guard, but does not have a plan to confront this obstacle. Tifa suggests a stealth route, using the fire escape staircase at the back of the building. Barret, given his attitude and his vendetta against Shinra, would rather charge the front door and smash through the guard. Cloud must make a choice between the two strategies.

Using a combination of stealth and disguise, the party ascends floor by floor, first spying on a Shinra board meeting, and then making their way to the laboratory of Professor Hojo. There, they find a strange decapitated humanoid creature with an eerie aura about it. Continuing, the party finds Aerith and a crimson beast inside a specimen elevator. Alarmed at the situation, they attempt to break her out. The beast, Red XIII, speaks, then cooperates with the rest of the party to distract Hojo and make their escape. Before they can get acquainted, Hojo sends a bioweapon to cut the party off, which fails.

Together, the party heads for the uppermost floors of the building, but they are captured and sent to holding cells near Hojo's lab. Unbeknownst to them, an even more sinister presence attacks overnight, leaving a gruesome trail of blood in its wake. Now freed, the party investigates what happened. The imprisoned creature is missing, and bodies are scattered everywhere along the path. Once again at the top, they find President Shinra slumped over his desk, impaled with a blade. Palmer, a low-ranking exec, pleads for his life. He claims he saw Sephiroth, the legendary SOLDIER thought dead five years ago, as Shinra was murdered.

The party splits up to finally make their escape from the building, but is waylaid by Shinra's prototype weaponry. Cloud, meanwhile, battles Rufus Shinra on the balcony. Their duel is short-lived, and Rufus escapes on a private helicopter. Cloud then rushes down to meet the rest of his party on a prototype motorcycle. The others find an old cargo pickup, and a chase ensues out of Midgar.

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