An admirer of nature with a grave secret concealed under her innocent demeanor. She travels alongside her friends with the fate of being a l'Cie resting on her shoulders, but her overly naïve behavior and unusual ignorance only further shroud her past and intentions in mystery.


Vanille is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter The Girl from Oerba.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vanille wears a pink halter top, an ombré orange and yellow skirt, beige boots, and a fur pelt around her waist, which she uses to carry her weapon. She wears numerous bracelets, three beaded necklaces, and an assortment of beads attached to various parts of her clothing. Vanille's l'Cie brand is located on her upper left thigh, concealed by her skirt.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Story[edit | edit source]

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Lost Chapter: The Girl from Oerba[edit | edit source]

Vanille finds herself in a forest in the world of respite. As she explores for treasure, she is surprised by monsters and yells out. Hope, who is lost with the other warriors nearby, recognizes her voice and gives chase and the warriors come to her defense. When the Warrior of Light slays the last monster, Vanille thanks him hesitantly, still unsure if he is a friend or a foe. When she sees Hope and Sazh from her own world Vanille reacts with excitement before introducing herself to Mog and the others and agrees to accompany them in their journey. Y'shtola indicates that it may now be possible for them to leave the forest. Vanille objects, wanting to thoroughly explore as something within the forest is calling out to her.

Vanille asks Mog, Yuna, Vivi and Cecil what their purpose is for being in the world of respite. She is unsatisfied with the warriors' answers, uncertain as to why such powerful gods would need the help of humans to fix the torsions. Vanille nevertheless continues aiding them in their mission with the hope she can help save the world of respite too.

Vanille and the others are led by Yda as they search the forest. Yuffie shares her interest in finding the forest's treasure before Vanille does, but Vanille is unsure if it is treasure that is calling her. The group surmises that whatever Vanille is sensing might be that which is trapping them in the forest, a prospect which somewhat frightens their compatriot Rem.

Rem and Vivi discover a Starfall Pendant on the ground. They avoid touching it, sensing a dark aura emanating from it. Unaware of their hesitation, Vanille rushes over and wears it, much to the horror of the other two present. The dark aura dissipates and Mog explains that the objects of the world of respite sometimes pick their owners, and that the pendant had been calling out for Vanille to collect it. Sazh comments that he cannot afford to take those kinds of risks at his age, but Vanille reminds him that he takes risks all the time for his family. Sensing a latent sorrow tied to talk of family, Rem encourages Vanille, noting that she might be reunited with her loved ones in time within the world of respite.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Tigerclaw (XIII)+.png Tigerclaw (XIII)+
6★ (EX+) 100
Doomsday Bringer Extension:

Improves the EX Ability: Death (XIII).

DFFOO Tigerclaw (XIII).png Tigerclaw (XIII)
5★ (EX) 70
Doomsday Bringer:

Equips the EX Ability: Death (XIII).

Based on its design from Final Fantasy XIII.
DFFOO Hunter's Rod (XIII).png Hunter's Rod (XIII)
5★ 35

When using Dispel (XIII):

  • BRV damage boost
  • Becomes group attack
  • Buffs removed +2
  • Grants party 80% of stolen BRV
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XIII.
DFFOO Physician's Staff (XIII).png Physician's Staff (XIII)
5★ 15
Defender's Boon:

When using Deprotect (XIII):

  • BRV damage boost
  • DEF Down duration+
  • Target: 3 turns ATK Down I
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XIII.
DFFOO Binding Rod (XIII).png Binding Rod (XIII)
4★ 10
INT BRV +55:

Raises INT BRV by 55

Based on its design from Final Fantasy XIII.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Effulgent Cape (XIII)+.png Effulgent Cape (XIII)+
6★ (EX+) 130
  • Raises INT BRV by 110
  • Raises MAX BRV by 220
DFFOO Effulgent Cape (XIII).png Effulgent Cape (XIII)
5★ 90
  • Raises ATK by 72
  • Raises DEF by 84
Original design.
Pink veil made of a material similar of tulle stylished after Vanille's ornaments in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.
DFFOO Starfall Pendant (XIII).png Starfall Pendant (XIII)
5★ 35
  • Raises HP by 680
  • Raises INT BRV by 110
Original design.
Necklace that features a blue orb covered in silver, which might resemble Cocoon, its fall and the crystal pillar that prevented it.
DFFOO Rune Bracelet (XIII).png Rune Bracelet (XIII)
4★ 20
ATK +72:

Raises ATK by 72

Original design.
Set of bracelets similar in design to those that Vanille wears in her default outfit.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Command abilities
Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Magic DFFOO Vanille BRV Attack.png
Steals enemy's BRV.
HP Attack
HP, Magic DFFOO Vanille HP Attack.png
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
Deprotect (XIII)
BRV, Magic, Debuff DFFOO Deprotect (XIII).png
1-HIT BRV attack.

Inflicts Small Defense Down for 2 turns.

Dispel (XIII)
BRV, Magic, Dispel DFFOO Dispel (XIII).png
1-HIT BRV attack.

Remove one buff from the target.

All Attack
Additional Ability, Buff 200px
Slightly raises party's ATK for 3 turns
Death (XIII)
EX Ability, BRV+HP, Magic, Buff, Debuff, Overflow DFFOO Death (XIII).png
3-HIT BRV+HP attack.

BRV stolen from the target can overflow up to 150% of Max BRV. Inflicts Assassination for 1 turn. Assassination deals a magic BRV attack after a set amount of turns. It also deals more damage if target is debuffed.

Passive abilities

Unlockables[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

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