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Here I stand--a god amongst men. Yet here I remain--a mere man amongst gods.


Odin is a boss featured in the FATE Steel Reign and the Trial, Urth's Fount. While Steel Reign has been in the game since release, Urth's Fount was not released until Patch 2.5 outside the FanFest.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit

Phantasy Star Online 2 Edit

The Final Fantasy XIV incarnation of Odin appears as an "Emergency Code: Duel" boss enemy in the game as part of collaboration agreement between Square Enix and Sega. This Odin is based on the battle of Odin's appearance at Urth's Fount. He has a variety of attacks, like his Gungnir and Sanngetal. The player must defeat him before he finishes casting his ultimate move, Shin-Zantetsuken, or face total annihilation and failure of the quest. While the quest to fight him was limited-time only, he still appears randomly in Multi-Party Areas, similar to how he appears in FATES. In both versions of the battle, the "FATE JOINED" message, jingle and sound effects will appear instead of "Emergency Code: Duel" message and voice over.

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