Odin is an optional boss in Final Fantasy V. The player must fight him to obtain him as a summon. The player must defeat him within one minute. Odin is found in the basement of Castle of Bal in the Merged World, accessible from the nearby Jachol Cave entered from the world map.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Approaching the orb housing Odin will start a conversation:

Odin: "Came here trying to best me, eh? A pity I don't have time to fight the likes of you. I could spare you... say, one minute. Still wanna rumble?"
Player chooses Yes
Odin: "Pretty confident, huh? One minute, and not a second more, got it?

Player chooses Yes

Odin: "It's your funeral..."

When Odin is defeated:

Odin: "All right, that's far enough!"

Odin is then obtained as a summon.

Odin absorbs Holy-elemental damage.

It is possible to defeat Odin and still lose the battle, as the timer doesn't stop when Odin says "That's it!", so if it hits 0:00 by the very moment he says that and "disappears", the battle will end in a Game Over.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A working strategy can be to have a Time Mage and a Mime and cast Meteor and then use Mimic to copy Meteor for a good amount of damage while only consuming a single cast's worth of MP.

An easy strategy is to petrify Odin with the Break spell or a Mystic Knight's Spellblade command. Summoning Catoblepas seems to also work.

In the European version, Return can be used to reset the timer to give unlimited chances to steal the rare Protect Ring. In the North American version, the spell does not affect the timer due to a bug.

The party shouldn't use the Excalibur, Holy Lance, or the spell Holy.

In the mobile/Steam versions it is possible to save precious seconds by placing the battle time in wait, synchronizing everyone's turn, giving a character a command and immediately entering any menu with the next character (like choosing attack but not choosing a target). That way the timer is frozen while the previous character resolves his/her attack.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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