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Odin is an optional boss who must be fought to be obtained as a summon. After visiting Feymarch, the player can challenge him in the Baron Castle basement.


Easy Type

Battle Edit

FFIV Zantetsuken EA

Zantetsuken (GBA).

To gain victory, the battle must be fought quickly. When Odin raises his sword it means he will soon use Zantetsuken. If Odin's sword is raised and any Thunder attack hits him, he will be halted on using Zantetsuken.

Strategy Edit

It is best to use Cecil's and Kain's basic attacks, Edge's Blitz Ninjutsu and Rydia's Thundaga. Rosa should cast Haste on the entire team and Berserk to Kain and Cecil.

If Kain has jumped and is out of the battle when Odin uses Zantetsuken, he will not be affected. Rydia is needed most in this battle. If the player is getting overwhelmed, it may be easiest to set the Battle Speed to slow.

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