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Odin is a boss from Final Fantasy III. To challenge him, the party must first obtain the Nautilus airship, which is able to act like a submarine. The party can then enter the Saronia Catacombs after diving underwater. After winning this battle, the player obtains Odin as a summon. In the 3D version, this is also the only opportunity in the game to obtain the spear Gungnir, the most powerful weapon until the end of the game, with the class-mastery weapons and the Ultima Weapon. The spear can only be stolen by a Thief with a Job level of 71 or higher. The weapon also has a 0.3% chance of being dropped, giving the player the ability to obtain two Gungnirs.


Battle Edit

To beat Odin, it is recommended to have a party with an average level of 37 and to have at least one Warrior and one Dragoon. Warrior's Advance does great damage to Odin, around 2,200. A Dragoon's Jump ability will not only save the character from being hurt, but will also subtract a good amount of Odin's health. Odin uses one of two attacks, a regular attack, which deals about 400 damage, and is used twice in one turn, or Zantetsuken, known as Atom Edge in the NES version, hits all party members for massive damage. Protect can be great to defend against Odin's physical attacks. To deal damage, the Dark Knight's Souleater can be a good way to lower Odin's HP fast.

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