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Odin's Castle.

Mog's heard a wonderful faerie tale of a strong king living in the tower to the northeast. But now the castle's haunted and the king is fighting against lota scary ghosts, kupo!


Odin's Castle (戦王の古城, Ikusaō no Kojō?) is a castle in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the east of Underground Fort. Eidolon Odin can be encountered and obtained here.


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The Warriors of Darkness come to this castle during their quest to defeat Avalon Empire. The castle is full of undead creatures. They keep traveling and finally, they reach the highest floor. A man sitting on a throne warns them that his power will overwhelm the warriors and askes them to leave. As the warriors refuse to do so, Odin draw his sword and attacks them. After his defeat, Odin compliments on their power and decide to lend them his. The warriors then learns the summon spell Odin.

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Item Place
Ether Odin's Castle 1F
Remedy 2F
Amphibian Rod 2F
Sacred Candle B1F
Antidote B1F
X-Potion B1F
Bastard Sword Odin's Castle 1F
2800 Gil 2F
Hi-Potion 2F
Close Helm 3F
Close Armor 3F
Cottage 3F
Golden Needle 3F