The Octomammoth is a boss from Final Fantasy IV. It blocks travelers using the Underground Waterway to reach Damcyan. Tellah has trouble defeating it, and recruits Cecil and Rydia to do it.

The Octomammoth was once an ordinary octopus that was mutated by unspecified "underwater experiments." Tellah comments that it is "an octomammoth," indicating it is not the only mutation of its type.

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Battle[edit | edit source]

Octomammoth (DS).

The Octomammoth can be rough if the player has not been battling along the way. Cecil should have collected the Shadowblade and some Hades-type armor and use Darkness, then use physical attacks with Darkness status. Tellah and Rydia should use Thunder, and occasionally, if they have enough MP, summon Chocobo with Rydia.

The party should heal with Cure or Cura when Cecil and the others get weak. After losing a percentage of HP, the beast's tentacles will vanish, and when it has about four left, Tellah will warn that a wounded beast is dangerous. Afterward the Octomammoth will slow down, but deliver massive hits that could possibly defeat Tellah or Rydia in one hit, and leave Cecil weak.

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