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Octo-Kraken is a boss from Ceodore and Kain's Tale in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is accompanied by four of its tentacles, the Octo-Leech.


It is a good idea to come with full HP and with the best equipment at the moment. The player should focus all their attacks on the tentacles first and later the Octo-Kraken. Use the Band ability, Cross Slash, to lower the boss's HP quickly. Use a Spider's Silk to cast Slow on him and Protect to improve your Defense. A Ice Shield and a Flame Mail would help to absorb the elemental damage from the tentacles' attacks.

A simple strategy is to use a Silver Hourglass, which will cast Stop on every enemy other than the Octo-Kraken itself. This leaves the boss vulnerable to all attacks, which ensures a quick victory.

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