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The entirety of the Ocean Puzzle.

Ocean Puzzle is a large device used by Pist Shaz XI in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. The main body of it is cubic in shape, and with it Pist can manipulate a much greater space; he can move world of Wonderland around each other after they have been linked to the lesser cubes that make up the greater cube.


Within each section of the linked space Pist has created a trap or puzzle of some kind that the captives must face, failing to do so will mean that the space they reside in will fall towards the bottom of the cube, but success allows them to move onwards. Pist originally tells his captives, the Comodeen, that if they can complete enough of the puzzles they will be free, however it is later revealed that this is not the truth.

Somosan's Riddles[]

The first section that the Comodeen enter is a small cubical space in which a giant mermaid, named Somosan, riddles them. To compete the captives must elect three people to answer the riddles. After failing three riddles the responder is melted, and the next must take his or her place.

Lisa Pacifist is elected to be the third respondent, after both Knave and Miles fail, and with the help of Kaze she notices the truth behind the riddles; there is no answer. Somosan was changing the answer if anyone guessed correctly. Realizing she is defeated, as Somosan fades she unleashes a torrent of water in an attempt to destroy the Comodeen. They escape, however, with Knave and Miles reviving when they leave that cube.

Frog Hermit[]

The second challenge is within a sea of distorted space, which takes the appearance of mud. Here an anthropomorphic frog appears to Cid, and transforms him into a frog, but without the gift of speech. Cid must locate a cure for his condition, and return to the pilot seat before the submarine sinks too low, as he is the only one capable of piloting the craft.

During his misadventures with his new body, Cid discovers a cure: the kiss of a maiden. After a chance meeting with Miles allowed him to kiss her, he returned to normal and was able to pilot the ship to safety.


The third section the Comodeen visit is a large set of ruins, suspended in solid clouds. It is here that Oscha unleashes Madoushi on the captives, however Makenshi intervenes and a colossal battle between the two Unlimiteds if fought, with Makenshi emerging victorious.

The Wandering Ocean[]

In this new section of the puzzle, the captives are deposited into a large waterless desert. After Ai and Yu Hayakawa chase a Cactuar from the ship into the desert, the Comodeen discover about the Cactuars and the Wandering Ocean; some time ago the living Ocean of the world rose up and destroyed the majority of the Cactuars, with the rest living in fair of the Ocean since.

After a brief struggle with the Ocean the Cactuars sacrifice their lives to destroy the Ocean. After the sun revives the Cactuars, the Comodeen departs for the next challenge.

Also appearing[]

  • The Upsidedown Ocean
  • Cloud Ruins
  • Telos


After the destruction of Teros, Makenshi confronts Pist, and manipulates Pist's nature as a being made of liquid to create a bottle of mist from him. He then uses his mist to destroy the Ocean Puzzle's main form, thus releasing the captives within, and destroying Pist in some move.