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The Occult Fan is a magazine in World of Final Fantasy. There are four issues of the magazine inside treasure chests in Grymoire, and each issue hints at the location of a secret area or how to navigate through a certain dungeon. An issue of Occult Fan once obtained is added to the player's Key Items inventory and can be read from there.

Occult Fan, Issue 1[]

Reporting Close Encounters from Far and Wide!

Item description

Added by finding it in a treasure chest on top of a building in Cornelia, only reachable by a character in Jiant form


To kick off this issue, we'll be tackling the mysterious "light bubble" sightings in Pyreglow Forest. Occult Fan decided to set foot into the shady glades ourselves to determine whether or not this rumor needed its bubble burst.

As we climbed through the dense wood, we noticed our surroundings getting darker and darker. Before long, were were completely, hopelessly lost!

But just when it seemed like every path was a dead end and home a distant prospect...we saw them, out of nowhere!


A number of luminous bubbles drifted through the air like a constellation. The stories were true! We paused a moment to take in this otherworldly scene. But then my traveling companion Wedge pointed out something even more remarkable.

"Chief, is it just me, or are those lights trying to lead us somewhere?"


Doggone it, he was right! The bubbles seemed to be flowing in a single direction.

Realizing we had stumbled onto something quite significant, we decided to press further into the forest to confront whatever new mysteries lay ahead. (Reporting by Biggs)

Occult Fan, Issue 2[]

Issue 2 Is Here! Closer, Farther, Wilder Encounters!

Item description

Added by finding it in a treasure chest on top of a building in Saronia Harbor's Shanty Town, only reachable by a character in Jiant form


Today we'll be looking at the so-called treasure ship whose phantomlike appearances have been causing bedlam in the port town of Saronia.

Occult Fan has obtained exclusive info revealing the ship is decked out in jewels—and speaking of decks, this galleon's gangways are said to be overflowing with treasure.

Well, there was only one way to find out if this fairy tale was full of fairy fail, and so we shoved off in search of the truth. But here was the funny thing: a local fisherman claimed no one had ever seen the ship out on the water.


"Then where was it seen?" we asked incisively. Well, here's the scoop.

Whenever the treasure ship needs repairs or improvements, it docks at a dungeon-like harbor. Everyone who has seen it has reported hearing "chimes." Some have tried forcing an encounter by ringing a series of bells, but to this the ship does not respond.


After thanking the fisherman for his revelatory contribution, we decided to get our quachos in a row. What had we learned?

First, there was a clear connection between the chimes and the ship's appearance. But random bell-ringing wasn't cutting it. And speaking of cutting, that was when my traveling companion Wedge cut in.

"Maybe you have to ring them in the right order?" Great goblins, what if he was right! That would explain why the ship hadn't come. No one knew the right order.


If the person chiming the ship home lives somewhere in Saronia, then it is possible the port town is hiding some kind of vital clue. We resumed our investigation with new vigor. (Reporting by Biggs)

Occult Fan, Issue 3[]

If It's Eerie, You'll Find It Herey!

Item description

Added by finding it in a treasure chest in the Caravan, next to the Gate


Many of our readers will have visited the Phantom Sands. This famous desert seems to offer the same scenery in succession no matter which way you go. But have you head the rumors that proceeding correctly will take you to an oasis?

Well, the desert may have sand, but so do we here at Occult Fan. We decided to head to the scene and sift through the story ourselves.


On we trudged midst sweltering heat. But sure enough, soon one dune was starting to look very similar to the next. We couldn't shake the feeling that we were going in circles. It was my traveling companion Wedge who broke the awkward silence.

"Chief, I see some kind of bright light coming from up ahead." I turned and saw he had crossed to the opposite cliff. Light, he said? How strange. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary on my side.


The sharp rock faces around me blocked out the sun. But Wedge insisted he could see something. Are you thinking what I was thinking, readers?

Excitedly, I crossed to where Wedge was standing, dreaming of oasises, or oases, or whatever plural of oasis might await us. (Reporting by Biggs)

Occult Fan, Issue 4[]

The Long-Awaited Issue 4! Uncanny, Uncovered, Unbelievable!

Item description

Added by finding it in a treasure chest in the Underground Prison's Secret Ophion area, after defeating the Mist Dragon guarding it


In this issue, we'll be documenting our strangest (but still very true!) encounter in the Phantom Sands.

Readers might recall our miserable meandering through the desert from our last issue. Having finally reached the oasis, we reveled in its beauty for a spell before making the decision to turn back before nightfall.

It was during our return trip that it happened. My traveling companion Wedge lost his footing, and when I moved to catch him we both tumbled to the bottom of the cliff, where a gaping hole swallowed us up like some terrible maw. I braced for the end.


But when I came to my senses, I was lying on soft sand. The area around me was dark, with only a faint light spilling in the hole we left far above us.

Miraculously uninjured, I got Wedge to his feet, and we surveyed our surroundings. Ahead, we spotted a single treasure chest.

Now, this was no time to be getting giddy over treasure, of course, but I realized the chest might contain some vital implement that could extricate us from our situation. I stepped toward it.


"Wait, Chief! You should think this through!"

I heard Wedge try to stop me. But what other leads did we have? All the same, I could feel it too: something felt off. I tried to shake my doubts as I reached toward the chest... (Reporting by Biggs)

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