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I found out today that this magazine with a goofy name called BOO! Monthly changed its name to Occult Fan. Its articles were always interesting.

Note found at Dollet
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Occult Fan (オカルトファン, Okaruto Fan?) is a magazine in Final Fantasy VIII with four issues to collect. They provide information about the UFO? sidequest, as well as the Guardian Force Doomtrain. It is not necessary to read the magazines to obtain the Doomtrain or to do the UFO? sidequest. Two of the magazines are missable.


Occult Fan I[]

Occult Fan 1

Mysterious Monster Death!!! Odell Burk (67) of Timber was tending to his field when he found a dead monster after hearing a loud impact sound. Mr. Burk said it occurred while he was making a fence with steel pipes. An extremely strange death!

Occult Fan I

The magazine is found on a bookshelf Occult Fan I location in FFVIII Remastered in the library in Balamb Garden. If the Library Girl with a Pigtail is standing in the way, talking to her with Zell in the party and then exiting the library will make her leave. Occult Fan I features a story about Odell Burke, who heard a loud noise while making a fence out of steel pipes, only to discover a dead monster as if it was hit by a runaway train. This magazine gives clues for the player on one of three items needed to obtain Doomtrain: the Steel Pipe. The dead monster appears to be a Wendigo, one of two enemies where Steel Pipes can be dropped or stolen from. The magazine can also be bought from Karen's Shop in Esthar City with the GF Tonberry's Familiar ability.

Occult Fan II[]

Occult Fan 2

It's an Unidentified Flying Object! On the left is a photo shot in Esthar. Take a look at the unidentified flying object in the center. Have you ever seen any monster or airplane like this!? Some say it may be Esthar's secret weapon, but residents of the area say it appears when there is a major Malboro outbreak.

Occult Fan II

After winning a game of Triple Triad against the pub owner in Dollet, the magazine is found by repeatedly examining the magazine stacks on the floor in his 'private room'. Occult Fan II location from FFVIII Remastered Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the UFO, which can be spotted a number of times in specific places via random battle. It instead features the GF Doomtrain from a distance, and gives the player another clue as to which items they must have 6 of to summon him: the Malboro Tentacle. The magazine can also be bought from Karen's Shop in Esthar City with the GF Tonberry's Familiar ability.

Occult Fan III[]

Occult Fan 3

Summoning Legend Revealed! Look at this picture. This is a confidential photo of what is assumed to be a ring that summons a legendary GF. Legend goes that it was a ring that belonged to a royal family. Its name and whereabouts are unknown. The legend says you must have 666 items to summon the GF.

Occult Fan III

The magazine is obtained from the Master Fisherman Occult Fan III location from FFVIII Remastered as soon as the party reaches Fishermans Horizon (down the ladder FH ladder to Master Fisherman from FFVIII Remastered on the third screen). If the party does not talk to him before they defeat BGH251F2, he will not give them the magazine. It features the item used to summon Doomtrain, the Solomon Ring, and describes the quantity of additional items needed to be used with the Solomon's Ring.

Occult Fan IV[]

Occult Fan 4

Unidentified Flying Object Revealed!? Our research on the deadly flying object revealed that a Devil (left) may be flying and attacking people. Another theory calls it an alien (right). Neither has been proven, but the people that were attacked all owned ST Full Recovery Medicine.

Occult Fan IV

The magazine is obtained from the Presidential Aide in the Presidential Palace in Esthar City. Occult Fan IV location from FFVIII Remastered The player must leave the Palace, talk to another aide at the Esthar Airstation and come back to find it. It can only be obtained before Squall and Rinoa go to the Lunar Base. The magazine features two unidentified beings, but also hints on the third item needed to obtain Doomtrain—a Remedy+.

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

A legendary magazine, now out of print.


Occult Fan is a special trade accessory that grants +4 Luck when used, and can be acquired through Battlegen with the Laguna Friend Card.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The first issue of a legendary magazine, now out of print.


Occult Fan returns as a special trade accessory that grants +4 Luck when equipped, and can only be found in two sections of the Confessions of the Creator.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Four issues of Occult Fan can be found in treasure chests in Grymoire, alluding the player of secret areas and how to navigate through the Phantom Sands. The reporting for each issue was done by Biggs.