Oboro Torioi, also known as Oboro Moonrise (月夜のオボロ, Tsukiyo no Oboro?, lit. Oboro of the Moonlight), is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is a ninja from Doma and a guildmaster of the Ninja guild.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Oboro is a midlander hyur with black hair and a scarred face, donned in the traditional garb of ninja.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He bears a generally stern countenance, but being a stranger to Eorzea, he is at the same time unfamiliar with local customs.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Oboro asking the adventurer to join the ninja guild.

Oboro is a ninja sent to apprehend a traitor that sold out his village to the Garlean Empire. He along with shinobi Tsubame Sunrise operate a small safehouse at the docks of Raincatcher Gully near Wineport, under the guise of "travelers from the south seas." To make sure they aren't up to no good, the Rogue's Guild sends the player character to investigate them.

The ninja are discovered to be in conflict with a man named Karasu Redbeak, where they clash in Upper La Noscea. After he escapes, Oboro comes clean on his and Tsubame's story. During the meeting, it is discovered that the Soul of the Ninja resonates with the Adventurer, and so Oboro agrees to teach how to utilize Ninjitsu, beginning with the mudra Ten.

As the adventurer levels up, Oboro then teaches the mudra Chi, and explains how to combine them into ninjutsu techniques. Later, at Fool Falls in Upper La Noscea, a planned training session is interrupted by Karasu, resulting in the two driving him and imperial shadows off. Oboro confesses his history with Karasu and how their village was massacred by the Garleans after he sold them out, and discovering the body his master disfigured beyond recognition. Eventually they learn that Karasu is going to assassinate a notorious pirate leader in Aleport on behalf of his imperial superiors, and unsuccessfully attempt to corner him in the port town.

As the adventurer becomes more adept at the skills of a Ninja, Oboro orders a new set of ninja gear from Doma. Unfortunately, the courier was intercepted by Karasu's agents, who explains he hid them throughout La Noscea and challenges the player to defeat the imperial agents guarding them. Once every piece except for the body armor is retrieved, Karasu is not present at the meeting place, instead only Oboro who discovers a memo indicating the Garleans are attacking the safehouse. With no time to waste, Oboro quickly teaches the third mudra Jin before rushing back to Eastern La Noscea.

With the doorman injured, they trail Karasu into the rainforest, where Tsubame is kneeling and injured. Karasu appears and taunts Oboro. During this confrontation, they finally take him down. As he sits defeated, Oboro proclaims he will execute him for betraying their village, at which point he suddenly starts laughing. He proclaims he did not betray the village to Garlemald, he instead found the one who did: their former master Gekkai, who had faked his death and forced him to serve. Karasu enigmatically hints that a showdown will occur at Candlekeep Quay, and seemingly commits suicide with explosives.

Though the ninja had technically fulfilled their stated mission, Oboro remained troubled by Karasu's words. As they prepared to depart for Doma, Oboro wanted some times to think. Tsubame implores the adventurer to look for him and found out what troubles him. At Fool Falls, he confesses to still feeling turmoil despite defeating Karasu, and hints he wants to confront the truth before departing. Remembering what Karasu said, Tsubame suggests they shadow Oboro and find out what transpires.

At Candlekeep Quay, Oboro confronts a group of imperial agents. Their leader answers affirmative when he asks if he was the Imperial spymaster in Doma. The older man, Gekkai, turns and suggests he be addressed as master for old times sake. When Oboro presses him for his defection, the man claims that ninja have always served various masters, and admits he finds Imperial culture more to his liking. He taunts how Oboro is confronting him and his agents all alone. At this point, Tsubame and the Adventurer make their appearance and assist Oboro in battling his turncoat master.

After Gekkai is slain, Karasu suddenly appears out of his ninja garb. Though essentially exonerated, he declines Oboro's offer to return to their village, as he still has blood on his hands from when he worked under Gekkai and feels he'd rather find a new life. He tosses his old soulstone to Oboro, and returns the body armor he confiscated earlier.

In gratitude for helping him confront the true traitor and helping him reach presence of mind, he teaches one final skill to the Adventurer before the ninja depart Eorzea.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Oboro means "hazy" or "cloudy" in Japanese. It also means "moonrise" when translated into Chinese as Long

His family name Torioi means "bird chaser" in Japanese.

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