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Object 199 in Final Fantasy IV (PSP).

Object 199 (ぶったい199, Buttai 199?), also known as Globe 199 and Number 199, is a recurring enemy ability in the Final Fantasy series after its debut in Final Fantasy IV. While it does not cause Instant Death, the exorbitant damage it inflicts can often outright kill its target. It is used by the toughest bosses, usually of mechanical nature.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Object 199 is an enemy ability that will deal 9,999 damage to one target regardless of its defenses. This skill was originally used by CPU (both 2D and 3D) when both the Attack Node (2D and 3D) and Defense Node (2D and 3D) were defeated; in other versions of this game, it's also used by Brachioraidos, Proto-Babil, Death Machine, and Lunar Asura. It serves as a counter to attacks by Brachioraidos and Proto-Babil, is randomly cast by Lunar Asura, used as the fourth attack in its attack pattern by Death Machine, and will also happen twice in a row before regenerating the defeated Nodes by the CPU.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Object 199 is an enemy ability used by Control System Ω and CPU, which deals 9,999 damage to one target.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Object 199 is the ultimate attack of the ADS, used when it enrages and will only use Object 199 afterwards. It deals heavy unaspected damage to all party members.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Object 199 is the ability of the CPU, which inflicts 9,999 non-elemental damage to one target.


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