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Oasis in the middle of Kaklim Desert

Oasis (カクラム砂漠 オアシス, Kakuramu Sabaku Oashisu?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located in the middle of Kaklim Desert. There's a pond and some plants here. Merchants can make trade here too.


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The Warriors of Darkness come across this area during their travel in Kaklim Desert.

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Item Price
Cottage Chest
Wind Spear Chest
Poison Rod Chest
Hi-Potion Chest
Golden Needle Chest
Ether Chest
Eye Drops Chest
Rune Bangle Chest
2000 Gil Chest



Item Price
Potion 30
Hi-Potion 150
Phoenix Down 200
Golden Needle 400
Ether 1500
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Echo Grass 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Tent 200
Scared Cande 100


Item Price
Kris 4500
Coral Sword 7000
Dark Sword 5000
Partisan 6500
Mythril Axe 5500
Hell Claws 6000
Cleric's Staff 5500
Prism Rod 5200
Flame Bow 4400
Ice Bow 4400
Lightning Bow 4400
Dream Harp 4900
Sleipnir 5700


Item Price
Tower Shield 4000
Officer's Hat 2700
Cleric's Hat 3000
Barbut 3200
Justaucorps 4000
Cleric's Robe 4500
Brigandine 4850
Mythril Armlets 2000
Mythril Bangle 1800

White Magic[]

Item Price
Cura 700
Protect 700
Raise 700
Basuna 1500
Confuse 1500
Teleport 1500

Black Magic[]

Item Price
Thundara 700
Fira 700
Blizzara 700
Drain 1500
Break 1500
Bio 1500

The tent charges 50 gil per night.



In geography, an oasis is an isolated area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or similar water source. Oases also provide habitat for animals and even humans if the area is big enough. The location of oases has been of critical importance for trade and transportation routes in desert areas.