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Nyunkrepf Nyunkrepfsyn is a historical character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is one of the twelve Archons who struggled to prevent the Sixth Umbral Calamity fifteen hundred years ago.


Nyunkrepf foresaw the coming of the floods through astrology, and, unable to stand idly by, made the great ship known as Nyunkrepf's Hope and set out upon a voyage for Eorzea with a crew of volunteer sailors.

Along the way, Nyunkrepf's men rescued many souls set adrift on the seas. Yet, as they drew nearer to their goal, they spied a tidal wave bearing down upon them. Knowing his vessel would be torn to splinters by the force of the water, Nyunkrepf made a desperate decision. He cast a powerful and ancient magick over the ship, knowing not where they would arrive. Thus, the crew and many refugees aboard found themselves teleported away from certain death, and perched precariously atop Mount Yorn in the Peaks of Gyr Abania.

The Nyunkrepf's Hope in The Peaks, one of the relics of the Sixth Umbral Calamity.

They were not alone in the mountains, as hunger increased, refugees ended into conflict over the area's limited resources. Nyunkrepf led a group of refugees away from the chaos of the mountains, sailing to an island in the Northern Empty, where they found the village that will later blossom into the city of Sharlayan.

In his wisdom, Nyunkrepf saw that each citizen of Sharlayan be allowed a voice in matters of their community, establishing the Ecclesia, a precursor to the Forum.


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