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Concept artwork of Nym, and specifically the Wanderer's Palace, for ARR. The remnants of ringed architecture are reminiscent of Atlantis.

A party of historians searching for the ruins of Nym─a civilization that prospered on Vylbrand during the Fifth Astral Era─has recently found itself the victim of brutal attacks waged by a small group of bandits and their pet coeurl.

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Nym (ニーム, Nīmu?) is an ancient city in Final Fantasy XIV that existed on the island of Vylbrand hundreds of years ago. Little is known about it but the adventurer will be able to aid the historians who flock to La Noscea to discover more. Oschon was once its patron deity. It may also have ties to Nymeia, whose symbol appeared on a stone at Moraby Bay.


The founding history of Nym is unclear; what is known is that it was the predecessor to Limsa Lominsa as the great nation on Vylbrand, possibly dominated by Plainsfolk Lalafell. The Nymians took Oschon the Wanderer as their patron deity, and built the Wanderer's Palace in veneration of him. The Nymians were able, through unclear means, to use crystals to make certain sections of the city float in the sky, giving rise to the title "The Floating City of Nym." Nym's flotation was likely developed out of a need for defense, due to recurring wars with the mainlanders of Aldenard. Alternatively, it may have been a destructive side effect of the War of the Magi itself, possibly due to the Mhachi superweapon Ozma.

The city-state would be laid low by a disease known as the "Green Death," a plague that transformed many of its citizens into tonberries. The disease was brought back by seafaring traders who were rescued by a tribe of Lalafellin on an island in the south seas, after being hit by a storm. Many of the afflicted would remain quarantined within the Wanderer's Palace, where they survived even into the Seventh Umbral Era. Among those was a scholar named Surito Carito. The plague was caused by an ampoule the traders had brought back; specifically, a voidsent haagenti named Bitoso bound inside the ampoule, a trap set by the void mages of Mhach to lay the city-state of Nym low.

During the Great Flood, it is said Golbas Rombas saved his people with aid of a powerful grimoire called the Last Resort. The exact fate of the Nymians are unclear, however by the time the Galadion shipwrecked on the coast of La Noscea circa 877 year of Sixth Astral Era, the city of Nym had long ceased to exist as a political entity.


The Nymians had a standing military organization known as the Royal Marines. These marines would consist of formations of marauder infantry supported by arcanists known as Scholars. A Scholar commanded tactical control of the battlefield, assisted by an arcanima fairy bound to their soul crystal. These tacticians ensured the Nymians could fend off aggressive neighbors even with a numerical disadvantage.