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Nyelbert, also known as the The Magus of Darkness, is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a member of the the Warriors of Darkness.

During his time on the the Source, Nyelbert went under the alias of Naillebert, to match with the naming conventions Elezens use on the shard.


Early life[]

Taynor and young Nyelbert.

Nyelbert and Taynor were born as descendants of a consortium of powerful magicians, whose leaders sought to master the art of opening portals to other worlds, to summon powerful entities from the void. To that end, they were taught in the arcane arts from an early age, their skills employed in dangerous experiments. One day, one of these experiments went wrong, and Taynor was sucked into a gap between the worlds.

Nyelbert left his home and set out on a journey to try to bring his friend back. Nyelbert ended up lending his strength to Ardbert, a warrior, and his party to bring down a terrible bovine beast that had risen from the bowels of the earth to wreak havoc on the dwarf mines. Nyelbert confessed that he wanted to claim the magical stone in the demon's power and harness his energies to save his friend Taynor, but ended up destroying the stone in tears when it was revealed that failing to do so would destroy the mountain and endanger countless lives. In the end, he joined the group of adventurers in earnest, with Ardbert promising to stay with Nyelbert until they found a way to return Taynor to this world.

During his travels, Nyelbert and his companions—Ardbert, Branden, Lamitt, Renda-Rae and Cylva—traveled across the realm vanquishing evil, eventually coming to blows with one of their own, Cylva, who revealed herself as the Shadowkeeper and ally to the Ascians. Ardbert spared her life, unable to kill someone he could call a close friend. They turned their weapons against the Ascians, Mitron and Loghrif. With their deaths a Flood of Light came crashing down on their world, eradicating all life in its wake. The Ascian Elidibus offered the warriors a chance to save their world by journeying to the Source, telling them that by causing a Calamity there they could halt the Flood on the First. Doing so would require them to sacrifice their corporeal forms, leaving them as souls that would nonetheless have a physical and tangible presence.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

The Warriors of Darkness.

With Elidibus's help, the warriors arrived on the moon of the Source world where Zodiark laid dormant. To save their world, a shard of the Source world known as the First, the Ascian told the warriors they must sow chaos by slaying primals and, should they come across them, the Source's Warrior of Light. To that end, each of Ardbert's party became a Warrior of Darkness. To blend in with the unfamiliar world, each took up a pseudonym, Nyelbert calling hiself "Naillebert".

Their first primal encounter was against Ravana. They encountered the Warrior of Light and their companions, and introduced themselves by fighting them. Thanks to the timely intervention of a skilled Rogue, the group retreated, but not before revealing who they were. Sometime later, the Warriors of Darkness were told of the summoning of a primal at the top of Xephatol with a new masked mage at their side. They were too late as the Warrior of Light had slain the priest who attempted the summoning, accompanied by a familiar-looking youth.

A final confrontation at the Bowl of Embers revealed to the Warrior of Light and their companions in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn that the Warriors of Darkness offered up their lives in their own world to travel here. When they began to use their crystals of light, the Warrior of Light drew upon their own and transported them all to the realm of Goddess Hydaelyn. Here, Ardbert attempted to strike down Minfilia when she offered to save the First, but was stopped, and promised to return to the First with her.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]


Back in the First, Minfilia used the souls of the Warriors of Darkness to stop the Flood of Light, except for Ardbert's soul. Nyelbert's body became Cardinal Virtue Phronesis, a powerful sin eater who evoked compact dimensional portals that swallowed everything around them into the void.

The Warrior of Light rescued Taynor from one of the open portals. Taynor used his magick to attract Phronesis, and together with the Warrior of Light and Cerigg, gave Nyelbert rest. In the last moments of the sin eater, Nyelbert's memories manifested, revealing how the archmage had continued to look for a way to bring his friend back from the crevice until the end of his days. Taynor offered words of comfort in the vain hope of freeing him from his torment. Although it was unlikely that Taynor's words reached his Nyelbert, the experience nevertheless allowed the boy to come to terms with his past and his own conflicting feelings.



Nyelbert is identical in appearance to the Elezen from the original version and A Realm Reborn openings, though his attire is blacked.

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Upon becoming the Cardinal Virtue Phronesis, his appearance remains the same, though he has black and red eyes, plaster-like white skin, and his body is surrounded by a ghastly white glow.

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Nyelbert as originally shown in Heavensward was a man of few words who gave off an imposing air. In the First, he was initially a stand-offish person with an aloof air about him though he is beset with grief and regret over not being able to save his friend Taynor from the void and consumed with the desire to see him rescued, though not at the cost of other people's lives, such as when he crushed the jewel that would have granted him the power he needed, instead choosing to save the mountain and its people.


During Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender, Nyelbert is fought as the Magus of Darkness alongside other Warriors of Darkness during the quest One Life for One World One Life for One World in a special instance.

Nyelbert in role-play mode.

In Shadowbringers expansion, Nyelbert is temporarily playable during the magical DPS role quest Nyelbert's Lament Nyelbert's Lament. As a Black Mage, he has access to Ronkan versions of Flare, Fire III, Blizzard III, and Thunder III. As he lacks the Astral Fire and Umbral Ice traits as well as Thundercloud, he cannot strength his spells or increase his MP-regeneration or cast instant Thunder III. Instead, Blizzard III acts as an MP-absorption spell that recovers 5000 MP on hit and requires no MP to cast. His Limit Break is Falling Star, a version of Starstorm.

Nyelbert is fought one last time as Phronesis in final magical DPS role quest A Tearful Reunion A Tearful Reunion.