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May I say what an honor and a privilege it is to receive the tutelage of a true master of the blue arts!

Nutiba to the Warrior of Light

Nutiba Buntiba is a non-player character in the Blue Mage questline in Final Fantasy XIV. He is part of the blue mage guild along with P'yandih and learns blue magic under Martyn's tutelage.


Early Life[]

Nutiba was a sailor in Limsa Lominsa before he met his fiance and sought to marry her. Because he didn't have enough funds to support this wish, he loaned money from Kageyama who had him export soy sauce into Ul'dah. Once Kageyama heard about blue magic and the masked carnivale he had Nutiba learn the magic and bring it with him back to Kugane to make a profit. He had his fiance hostage in order for him to follow his commands.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

P'yandih and Nutiba after Martyn tells them to go train more.

P'yandih and her friend Nutiba Buntiba, witnessed a few Masked Carnivle shows and decided to become one of the first students of the Blue Mage Guild. The two meet the Warrior of Light and are excited to meet him and ask to become his apprentices. Martyn reminds them that he is the guildmaster and tells them to go out and learn more spells.

Martyn has the Warrior of Light train both of them in Hammerlea by defeating an arena viking, and P'yandih is amazed to see expert blue magic up close rather than the cheap seats in the Celestium. After the training Martyn has them run a few errands for the guild and has them pay for the training. They were surprised that the cost went up but Martyn brushes them off saying the viking wasn't cheap to rent, as well as keeping the guild afloat.

Martyn plans on sending the group into copperbell mines for more training and on the way they come across a voidsent and defeat it. And are fascinated to learn that the Warrior of Light took care of one all by himself. After the fight with Siegfrid P'yandih and Nutiba leave to learn blue magic on their own.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Nutiba mysteriously leaves the blue mage guild and is not seen in Ul'dah for some time. After one of Martyn's performances one of the spectators tell the guild that everything they're doing is a cheap knockoff of the Fukumen Fighting Festival over in Kugane.

Once Martyn and the Warrior of Light travel to Kugane to witness the festival they see a blue hooded figure using blue magic, Martyn recognizes his voice as Nutiba and realizes that it was him who stole his soul crystals and tomes. The two wait for Nutiba after the fight, and confront him to which he denies his identity in a panicked state. His manager Kagyama berates Martyn for harassing his employee, to which he replies saying that they stole his art of blue magic. Kageyama challenges Martyn to a duel to settle the matter on who really founded blue magic against the Golden Goliath.

Afterwards the Warrior of Light and Martyn begin searching for Martyn's Magus gear, and after a lengthy search, Nutiba gives it to the Warrior of Light apologizing for what happened, saying that he had no other choice but to steal from him.

Nutiba and his fiance..png

Royse arrives in Kugane to figure out what is taking Martyn so long, but Nutiba comes along and admits to stealing from Martyn on Kageyama's orders in order to protect his fiance from harm and revealing how he owed Kageyama for funding his wedding.

After the Warrior of Light defeats Gogo, Royse threatens Kageyama for smuggling soy sauce into Ul'dah in order for him to shut down his Fukumen Fighting Festival and no longer have a leverage on Nutiba. Martyn also goes along to rescue Nutiba's fiance from Kageyama's associates. He promises to shut down the Fukumen fighting festival and with Royse's permission, start a blue mage guild in Kugane with Gogo to keep the performances in Kugane going.



Nutiba is a dunesfolk lalafell with purple long hair and light blue eyes. He wears the true blue attire in his first appearance, and then a blue and white felt robe, his third outfit has him wearing a blue Loyalist's bliaud. His fourth outfit has him wearing a storm blue bolero similar to P'yandih with a altered felt hat. In Kugane he wears a rainbow outfit of scouting resembling a blue ninja, and outside of his performances he wears a dark blue Kimono.


Nutiba is interested in blue magic initially, but because he is doing it on Kageyama's orders he feels guilt for learning it and having to steal its knowledge and copy the performances in Kugane. Although he is doing illegal actions, he does against his will and in order for his fiance to stay safe, making him an honest and good husband.