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Numidia is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is fought in Mission 30 alongside Syphax and is one of the Undying.



Numidia are fairly weak both offensively and defensively. They lack any special abilities and attack with a simple jab. Because of the large amount of Numidia that spawn during the fight, the party will be rewarded with a large amount of TP.


Blitz is effective against them, since so many of them will be close together. For a professional Ravager like Hope, wide-range spells work well, and they will allow Commandos to use Ravage. Aeroga may cost the most ATB segments, but it deals the greatest amount of damage, and can easily strike all enemies. Using three party members with Blitz, Ruinga, and Aeroga can allow groups of Numidia to be defeated all at once.


Numidia is an ancient kingdom in what is now modern-day Algeria that once waged war against the Roman Empire.

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