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Numbness (しびれ, Shibire?), also called Numb, is a recurring status effect in the side series of Final Fantasy.


Vagrant Story[]

Numbness is a status effect that disables all battle abilities and reduce movement speed to 50%. Ashley can use his Chain ability Numbing Claw to inflict Numbness on a single enemy. Several weapons can also inflict this status through their Break Arts; Axes and Maces teach Glacial Gale, Heavy Mace teaches Quickshock, and by using bare hands teaches Vertigo.

If Ashley is attacked this status will be removed. It may be removed using the Grimoire Purifier and later on the Shaman spell Clearance. Items that remove it include Spirit Orison and Panacea. The Cure Panel Trap also removed Numbness among other status. Equipping the White Queen gem to a shield increases status evasion by 20%.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales[]

Numb is a status effect that makes the person affected by Numb take double damage from Yellow zones.

Cards that cause Numb