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Reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks. Greatly reduces elemental-attribute damage.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII description

NulAll Guard (バオルガード, Baoru Gādo?, lit. BarAll Guard), also localized as Element Guard, is a recurring ability in Final Fantasy series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XIII-2[edit | edit source]

When defending, enhance all allies' resistance to elemental damage.


Element Guard is a Sentinel ability that enhances elemental resistance to all allies while defending.

It is learned by Serah (role level 10), Noel (role level 18), Bunkerbeast (level 36), Flandit (level 54), Goblin Chieftain (level 36), Lancer (level 17), Major Moblin (level 26), Metal Gigantuar (level 42), Pulsework Gladiator (level 30), Pulsework Knight (level 10), Snow (level 8), Tezcatlipoca (level 30), Xolotl (level 30), and Navidon (level 1).

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[edit | edit source]

DefensiveAbility-lrffxiii-icon.png NulAll Guard reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks and greatly reduces elemental-attribute damage. It has an ATB cost of 15, Physical Resistance of 25%, and Magical Resistance of 25%.

It is a locked ability on the Carnaval Crusher garb.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Classical elements typically refer to ancient concepts similar to the modern states of matter: earth (solid), water (liquid), air (gas) and fire (plasma). Classical elements are the simplest form of existence, of everything in existence. Many philosophies and worldviews believe in classical elements.

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