An engagement taking place in Nubswood.

Deep, dark forest. Popular hideout for thieves.


The Nubswood (ヌーベスの森, Nūbesu no mori?) is a deep, dark forest from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be freed after "Mission #006: Antilaws" and "Mission #070: Raven's Oath" are completed.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • "Mission #003: The Cheetahs"

There's a price on the heads of the band of conmen calling themselves the "Cheetahs." Word is they were seen in the Nubswood!

Bratt, Streetear

  • "Mission #025: Wanted!"

This Month's Wanted! Black Mage Dolce: 4600 gil
Dangerous magic use
Eating and running
Assorted misdemeanors
Last spotted in forest


  • "Mission #071: Nubswood Base"

We've discovered a Borzoi Base in the Nubswood. Help us root this evil out of our lands forever!

Sprohm Town Watch

  • "Mission #086: Last Stand"

I sense... a life-force possessing unfathomable magic powers! It would be folly to let it roam wild. Kill it! Kill it!

Shaton, Diviner

  • "Mission #242: The Nubswood"

Rock turtles have been attacking travelers in the Nubswood. Use this "shellout" to get rid of them, please.

Hoelik, Townsperson

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Rangers[edit | edit source]

Preservationists. Radical clan that doesn't like others coming into the woods.



Turf Defense[edit | edit source]

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