Template:IncompleteTable Template:FFIV:TAY Enemies Nova Dragon is a boss from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Unlike Atomos or Gilgamesh, it is optional to fight it in the Depths of the True Moon.


Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Edge, and Rosa

It is recommended to fight Nova Dragon when the party is at Level 70+ with some of the best equipment, such as Ultima Weapon and the Adamant Armor. Rydia must have Rapid Ring v2, and Rosa should equip the Twinstars. At the start, Nova Dragon will use Tidal Wave. This will K.O. Rosa and Rydia, even at high levels. Quickly revive them with Phoenix Downs and any other party members that have fallen, and have Rosa use Curaja every turn afterward. Then, immediately cast Slow or use a Spider Silk on Lord Dragon to lower his speed so that he does not attack too fast. Nova Dragon does not use Tidal Wave twice in one turn, and always takes some time to use other attacks before he uses Tidal Wave again. He will often use Cursed Elegy, which will put the party under the Slow status. This can be remedied by using Haste, but it will not impede on the party's performance too much. When they do not have to use healing items, Kain should always use Jump, and Cecil should attack with the Ultima Weapon. Rydia's best spells to use are either Flare, or Meteor, which will do 5,000 - 8,000 damage to Nova Dragon. For Edge, attacking Lord Dragon with the Masamune and Mutsonokami is a good course of action, but his Heal Pill Ninjutsu is useful if any characters are in critical condition. Sometimes, Nova Dragon will use Embrace, which will petrify a character and also heal all of their HP. This should not be a problem if anyone has equipment that nullifies status effects, such as the Ribbon. Before dying, he will cast Meteor on the party, so the player must make certain that at least one of their characters will survive it. The same strategy works even better if the player uses Porom with Dualcast and the Twinstars, instead of Rosa. Dualcast will allow Porom to heal the party more efficiently and use Arise to revive others simultaneously. This is especially useful when someone dies from Nova Dragon's Doom spell.

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