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Notices are an element of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, appearing as letters, rumors, posts, banter, journal entries and warnings concerning anything that's happening in Jylland. They can be read at Pubs in every town, and upon reading are taken off the Notice board and kept instead within the Clan Primer, able to be viewed at any time. The Bonga Bugle entries can only be read at the Pub.

These notices expand on Ivalicean lore and are crucial to making more quests available, such as the Mack Ocktor and Bonga Bugle lines. After reading a prompting notice, which sometimes directly mentions a posting to the pub, a quest related to it will be available once one enters a pub again.

Sometimes, the Notice board will hold letters from clients who are grateful for a completed quest.

A few quests will require consulting Lezaford about scarcely-known subjects, at which point he will write down an entry about it that will be accessible from the Clan Primer.

Notices Edit

Fluffy and Pink Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Heard about those fluffy pink flowers? Seems like everyone wants one these days, eh?
I believe it was called the prima petal, or the like.
Looks pretty, and makes all sorts of other things right pretty too. Quite popular with the lasses, I hear. Oh, they used to grow all over the place but now you'd be lucky to find one in a season, if that.
That said, I hear they've been spotted up Targ Wood way. Haven't seen 'em myself, though, so go at yer own risk.

Crying Wolf Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Wolf-like creatures of a kind never seen before are running rampant in the hills around Camoa! A mark has been posted in hopes that there is someone who can deal with this menace before more lives are lost. Those who have faith in their sword arm, come to our aid!
—Camoa Bureau of Safety

Klesta Comes Edit

FFTA2 Notice
The crushatrice is known for its especially violent temperament, but one in particular makes all the rest look like docile hens.
Adventurers in the know call it Klesta, and its name evokes fear deep in the cockles of their hearts.
Klesta is mean, real mean. It attacks people, animals, anything that gets in its way.
Surely, someone would have dealt with this scourge a long time ago, were it not so nefariously resilient.
Many are the hunters who claim to have taken the beast to death's door only to have it escape at the last moment, only to return a day or two later fully restored to health!
And those hunters were the best of the best. The rest that tried to take on this fell beast, well... it's still alive, isn't it.

House Bowen Edit

FFTA2 Notice
What other elite group of headhunters would do anything—provided there's gil on the table—but House Bowen?
What other clan has brought in more than four hundred marks? That alone would qualify them as one of Ivalice's top-tier teams—and that's not even taking into account the high demand for their services as escorts for important personages, sellswords for padding out forces during regional conflicts, and gods-know-what goings-on taking place behind drawn curtains.
Their leader, Bowen, is not only a fearsome combatant, but a cool-headed thinker as well, who takes on even the smallest request with the utmost care and caution.
Yet Bowen is also known as someone who would lay down his life to save a comrade. The fervent loyalty this inspires is one of the secrets to House Bowen's success.

Headhunter Friese Edit

FFTA2 Notice
It's been several years now since the lady headhunter Friese made her name known among the clans.
Slayer of countless marks, the beauty with which she worked her sword-edge earned her the title of Blademaiden Friese—and a position of honor next to Blademaster Frimelda as one of Jylland's most celebrated women warriors.
While little is known about Friese the woman, it is true she often traveled with several companions, making it likely she was a member of a clan.
In her heyday, new tales of her derring-do sprang up in the taverns with every new moon, but of late, the bards sing little of her conquests. Even the streetears have stopped whispering her name.
One wonders what she is doing now, and where.

The Bonga Bugle Edit

FFTA2 Notice
When people want their monthly dose of the goods on places to go, people to know, and goings-on in society both high and low, they turn to the Bonga Bugle.
Though their coverage is unparalleled in its breadth and depth, rumors persist that the Head Editor of the Bugle has been passing on his own work by posting bills at the local pub...

Cinquleur Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Know you the mage clan Cinquleur?
Oh, they're a rare lot: arrogant, heavy-handed, wanting nothing more than to find the strong... and fight them.
That said, they bite with as much ferocity as they bark.
Quite a few clans snapped and took their challenge, only to be reduced to sobbing, defeated losers on the tourney field...
You ask me, I'd steer well clear of them. Unless, of course, you're sure you can win.
—Domis Streetears

The Ocktor Tome of Medicine Edit

House Ocktor has produced physicians for generations now, and their accomplishments in the realm of the curing arts are innumerable.
A collection of their techniques, "The Ocktor Tome of Medicine", has been called the godsbook of the profession, and there have been no lack of aspirants to glory, both principled and unprincipled, who have sought to claim it.
Sadly, those who envied House Ocktor were legion. In time, they drove the family out of the medical profession with tarnished name, and so was the book of arts lost to the knowledge of man.
That is, until Mack Ocktor, twelfth in the House Ocktor line, discovered the book in a hidden passageway beneath the ruins of the Ocktor Manse. The book is currently in his possession, its secrets once again the property of the family that first committed them to paper.

Medicinal Marvel Edit

FFTA2 Letter
Thanks so much for the cactus fruit the other day.
The medicine worked, and the boy was brought back from death's doorstep and restored to full health.
Much to my surprise, the boy hailed from a wealthy family, and they were quite generous in showing me their gratitude. Though this was truly unexpected, I've resolved to make the most of it by traveling to Moorabella, there to refine my skills in magickal medicine.
—Mack Ocktor

Lang Means Trouble Edit

FFTA2 Sayings
The four Lang Brothers, members of the Moorabella region guild, the Arbiters of Death, fled after seriously wounding an astounding twenty-eight of their clanmates.
"Those Lang Brothers were trouble from the start, everyone knew it. Just one look in those cold, cruel eyes and you'd know it too," one surviving clan member told us on condition of anonymity.
The Defenders of the Peace have posted a mark for the capture of these four dangerous criminals.
Those aspiring to the challenge should note that the Arbiters of Death are a battle-hardened clan. That four could wound so many is a testament to just how adept these Lang Brothers are at the business of battle.

Carm Mercantile: Who We Are Edit

FFTA2 Notice
-Carm Mercantile House Report-
We're a youthful house, in operation for what some might consider a scant twenty years since our beginnings wrighting ships in the port town of Graszton.
Yet, our youthfulness has been our strength. We have honed our techniques, built up an impressive list of clients and successes, and since our entry into the comestible freight business ten years past, our support has grown among all the people of the regions we serve, making us one of the largest mercantile houses in all Jylland.
We look forward to continuing to support the growth and prosperity of Jylland as we expand our operations to accommodate future demand.
To commemorate our first twenty years, we have started a new branch of House operations dedicated to a recently growing concern: the protection and preservation of endangered monsters.*
We will be releasing a report on our progress shortly.
  • Endangered monster: Any monster that, due to its being a source of valuable or otherwise efficacious materials, has been hunted to the brink of extinction.
While monsters were previously considered to exist for the sole purpose of felling, it has become clear that the removal of certain monsters from their habitat has caused irreversible damage to the food chain, resulting in considerably weakened ecological systems. Hence, the need for their preservation.

The Hills Are Alive Edit

FFTA2 Notice
It was all dark outside, and ma says I'm supposed to be in bed, but I'm not, and I look out at the Aldanna Range, yeah?
And there's all these eyes and they're looking at me. *gulp*
But I told ma, and she says they posted a bill for a mark, so I shouldn't worry.
I'm not worried.
But who're Bill and Mark?
—Little Obu, Age 5

The Rivalry of the Rupies Edit

Nestled in the Rupie Mountains lie two villages, at odds with each other for many years. One is inhabited by the scaled bangaa, the other by the shaggy mountain nu mou. The villages are rivals in all things.
Nowhere is their rivalry more raw than in the battle between the villages' elite clans: the Bangaa Brotherhood, and the Nu Mou Nobles.
This battle, fought in fits and starts over years, has come to be known as the Rivalry of the Rupies, and many visitors to Jylland travel to the mountains just to witness it.

Prima Donna Edit

FFTA2 Notice
The four-woman clan Prima Donna have been garnering much attention in Jylland of late, and they've got the looks, incredible singing talent, and enchanting coordinated dance moves to hold it.
They count admirers among men, women, young, and old alike—some so fervent in their enthusiastic support, they will travel wherever Prima Donna go, showing up in the crowds at every event. Yet Prima Donna seem to welcome this, and the attention they lavish upon their most devoted fans has won them still more admirers.
What one must not forget is, while Prima Donna have seen such success on the stage, and clearly take their performances very seriously, they also operate as a fully fledged clan, and boast accomplishments in this theatre which are no less impressive.
But this tribute to their enchanting qualities falls short of the real thing. How can cold words on a page compare to the majesty that is Prima Donna? I can only hope I have given my readers enough cause to investigate this phenomenon themselves, perhaps at a local stage near you.
—The Jylland Free Press-Arts Section

Wielders of the Cannon Edit

FFTA2 Notice
A whisper on the streets: more information is sought about a headhunting clan said to use strange weapons called "mage cannons", to do their violent work. Rumors abound, yet none have seen this clan or their armaments, leaving us with naught but conjecture.
Perhaps they lurk in the shadows, or perhaps they are nothing but a rumor. Either way, if you hear something, you will let us know?
—Domis Streetears

Trouble in Jylland Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Heard what everyone in Jylland is whispering? A burglar of exceptional skill has been hitting shop after shop across the realm.
Restaurants, armories, clotheries, no place is safe...
This is nothing new to me... but when I heard that the burglar is a monster...!
Oh, worry not. A bill will be posted soon enough.
—Domis Streetears

The Bonga Bugle: Bloodfire Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This month in the Bugle:
  • Workers! I Feel Your Pain!
Special one-day report from the frontline of the retail industry: The Scoop From The Shop!
What I learned: Work isn't all fun and games!
Other Headlines:
  • Clerk Reveals Customer Care Secrets
"The envy of all the other clerks".
"I just wanted to see the customers smile".
  • How To Shop, Head Editor Style
  • That Cute Girl Who Came Into The Shop
A Word From Our Editor:
  • Shops. Be they ye olde shoppes, or just plain old shops, you gotta love 'em! No purchase necessary, either, you can just enjoy window shopping.
I certainly do!
Now and then I'll try a piece of gear on that doesn't fit, and something will snap, and I'll have to fork over my gil.
Maybe that's why those shopkeepers are always yelling at me when I drop in.
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Rosefire Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
Master Craftsman Goes to Pot!
Goes to make pots, that is! And I was with the miracle-maker himself, Master LePot the 3rd! Enjoy this tale of earth and effort in harmony with some very pretty pots!
Other Headlines:
  • Competitive Pot-Breaking Catches on with Youth
  • Head Editor Celebrates Youth Culture, Breaks Pots
  • Head Editor's Words To The Wise:
"I just kicked it as hard as I could!"
A Word From Our Editor:
I tried to make some pottery the other day—whoo boy! It was just me and the clay for twenty-four hours straight and in the end, I did it!
I made a lovely...
lump of clay.
Straightaway, I titled my work "The Lump: A Study" and quickly discarded-er, displayed it in my office.
Folks, art is hard.
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Greenfire Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
Obey The Law!
Laws are made to be obeyed!
"Obey? Like a dog? Never!" you say?
"Woof" I say!
Other Headlines:
  • Secret Group More Than Rumor?
  • Secret Group Members Disguised Among Us?
  • Head Editor Member of Secret Group?
  • Clan Gully Seen In Secret Group?
A Word From Our Editor:
I recently polled our readers concerning their favorite law, and was rather surprised to hear that the most popular law with the young ladies was that prohibiting standing still!
Apparently, following this law has the side benefit of giving one an excellent workout, thereby killing two fat birds with one legally laudable stone!
Incidentally, my favorite law is the one prohibiting all harm to seeq... naturally! *snort*
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Goldsun Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
Field of Hidden Treasures!
That's what they call it, but no matter how much I dig, I get nothing!
Diddly-squat! Why!?
That's the real mystery here.
Other Headlines:
  • Dig Like You Mean It! Man Digs Hole After Hole, Finds Nothing
  • Rescue Operation! Man Falls In Hole, Can't Get Out
  • Hole-Digger Sent To Infirmary With Serious Injuries
  • Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Hole-Digging—Just Say No".
A Word From Our Editor:
Why do treasures come spilling from the depths of the earth? Did some mysterious mage cast magicks to put them there? Did some kindly soul sneak out and bury them in the dark of night for our amusement?
Some say it's just some rich house slinging its rubbish. And you know what they say about one man's rubbish!
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle, from the infirmary.

The Bonga Bugle: Silversun Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This month in the Bugle:
Hunting The Haunts!
A fierce battle to the undeath ensues between our heroic Head Editor and the forces of ghostliness. We've got the :scoop here!
Other headlines:
  • I ain't afeared of no poltergeists! Now taking orders for "Auntie's Anti-Haunt Charms"
  • Debate: Is our Head Editor afraid of ghosts!?
  • Special column: Our head editor weighs in: "Me and Auntie-The meaning of after life"
A word from our Editor:
My auntie's an awfully gentle soul. When I was but a boy, I'd come home crying, and she'd sing me a song, or give me a treat, and I'd feel all right. I'll never forget your kindness, auntie!
Just stop haunting me!
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Ashleaf Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
Galmia Pepe!!!
An exclusive interview with a Pepe employee!
Q: Tell us, what's your favorite direction?
A: You mean, like... a compass direction? Um, North, I guess?
Q: In your opinion, which eye would you say you blink more, the left or the right?
A: Um... don't think blink at the same time?
Q: Are you the kind who can't sleep without a light on in the room?
A: When you are going to ask me real questions?
Q: Why have you answered all my questions with questions?
A: Right. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.
Other Headlines:
  • Mystery! The Case Of The Missing Memo Pad
  • Hit Song: "Making It Up Is Hard To Do".
  • Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Unprepared? Be prepared to deal with angry people".
A Word From Our Editor:
Did you know that spiffy hat I'm always wearing is a bona fide Galmia Pepe?
I got a discount, of course.
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Mistleaf Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
Power Beyond Reckoning, Reckoned!
Clan Gully Results:
"Strong To The Extreme"
I remember, he ran up to me and said:
"Hey Head Editor, you okay? You just leave that big guy to me! You've got your back problems to think of!"
(Want to read more? Look inside)
Other Headlines:
  • Required Reading: The Way To Win Battles
  • Winning With Points For Style
  • A Cheer For Strong-arm Headhunters, House Bowen!
"Not bad, you guys!"
A Word From Our Editor:
Little did you know it, but this tourney is one way to become truly famous as a clan.
No, -the- way!
"Win big here, and you join an exclusive circle of past winners that include such luminaries as the 100 Geniuses, Violene, the Arbiters of Death, and many, many more!
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Plumfrost Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
All Hail Our Owner!!!
Master of sword in field and quill at desk! Superb on the attack, superfluous on defense! Quick to dine, and quicker to nap! What's the secret to his miraculous powers!?
Other Headlines:
  • What Do Bugle Employees Think Of Our Owner?
"Those pink neckties are... amazing".
"His feet stin—smell incredible!"
"His airship loan is second to none!"
"I'm not sure how we're still in business"
A Word From Our Editor:
I did a little peeking into Our Owner's history for this special feature and found a curious connection between Our Owner, a member of the Clan Mates Adventurer's Guild, and the Seeker of Slaughter!
That's right, these three individuals were once in a clan together! Not only that, their clan was a real go-getter, much like today's House Bowen.
I was sadly unable to discover why they disbanded, or why Our Owner is such a wim—er, so reserved these days.
Then again, with clan members like that, I suppose it had to fall apart sooner or later!
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Blackfrost Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
Happy New Year!
This Month in the Bugle:
Our New Year's Resolutions!
  1. Early to rise. *yawn*
  2. Don't be so forgetful... was it?
  3. Eat less. *belch*
Other Headlines:
  • Head Editor Catches Cold On Assignment
  • Head Editor Blows Nose On Assignment
  • Head Editor Blows Nose Again
  • Head Editor Makes Mess of Notes
A Word From Our Editor:
How many of us make New Year's resolutions but never follow through with them?
And why?
Because we forget what they were. That's why I never make resolutions.
At least, I don't -remember- making any!
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Skyfrost Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
The Month in the Bugle:
The Most Beautiful Spot In The World!
Beauty without compare, faithful readers! I'd print the photographs I took, but to do so would be a disservice to the stunning beauty of the place! You must go there and see it for yourself! All of you! Now!
Other Headlines:
  • Head Editor Takes 1,000 Photographs On Assignment
  • Head Editor Contemplating Career As Photographer?
  • Head Editor Leaves Lens Cap On
  • "Night: A Study In 1,000 Images" Rocks Art World
A Word From Our Editor:
Why are famous places so popular? Maybe they became famous -because- there were popular? But what about places where there isn't anything to do, or anything good to eat. Just a lot of scenery sitting around?
Who'd want to go there!?
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bonga Bugle: Coppersun Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
O, Prima Donna!!!
...Let me just state here for the record: it was all worth it.
Other Headlines:
  • Shocking! Man Sneaks Close To Prima Donna!
  • Prima Donna Administers Painful Cheek Slap
  • Prima Donna Throws Grown Man Like Rag Doll
  • Prima Donna Unleashes Flurry Of Fists
  • Mysterious Man In Infirmary With Serious Injuries
A Word From Our Editor:
Got any Prima Donna memorabilia?
I ran some ads for armbands, necklaces, badges, towels and the like with the members' names on them, and they've been selling like hot cakes!
But I'm not selling my ultra-rare Prima Donna Pillow. That one's mine!
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle, from the infirmary.

The Bonga Bugle: Emberleaf Edition Edit

FFTA2 Bugle Edition
This Month in the Bugle:
Crime: It's More Organized Than You Think!
Obtained: Rare Footage Of Syndicate Turf Wars!
The Violent Syndicate
The Evil Syndicate
Other Headlines:
  • Shocking! Boy Turns To Life Of Crime!
  • Appalling! Battle Without Honor Or Mercy!
  • Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "The barman's mad at me again".
A Word From Our Editor:
Our special on organized crime isn't selling very well. I guess our fairer readers don't go for the down and dirty reportage we've come to be known for. So, why do we insist on doing a crime special once a year? Is this someone's idea of a bad joke!? Can't wait for next year's Emberleaf edition...
—Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Chita's Weaponsmiths Edit

-Workshop Report: Chita's Weaponers-
A workshop located in the Aldanna Range, where Mastersmith Chita and his apprentices toil daily to produce new weapons to arm our stalwart knights.
In the workshop, the air rings with the sound of metal on metal, and occasionally Mastersmith Chita's booming voice. When asked, one apprentice said of his master: "He is more fiery than the forge, has lungs bigger than the bellows, and is sharper than our finest blade".
Yet, in contrast to his own heroic proportions, Chita's blades are delicate, refined works of art. Even their superlative beauty, however, cannot outshine their terrifying effectiveness on the battlefield—the latter quality being the one which has won them so many admirers.
Truly, the arms of Chita's Weaponers shine across all of Ivalice.

Tired of Your Title? Edit

FFTA2 Notice
An Important Notice from the Wizard D'Tidle:
I'm sure there are some of you out there with titles won through clan trials that you frankly just don't need.
Well, you've come to the right place—that is, you will have come to the right place when you come to see me. I can get rid of those titles so fast, you'll never know you had them!
Of course, you lose the benefits of said titles as well, so give it some thought beforehand.

Duelhorn Edit

FFTA2 Sayings
The foreign crime syndicate Duelhorn has been spotted making inroads in Jylland of late.
From the large number of reports, we can assume a great many operatives are now at large in Jylland, though there has been no clear consensus as to what business has brought them thither. What could they want, and how could this mean anything but trouble?

Our Hate Edit

FFTA2 Notice
So many years, I have hated.
Hated them, hated you, hated until I grew weary of hating.
How many of my comrades have fallen? Gone to a place whence they shall never return?
Their hatred is mine.
Once more, I pick up my knife.
I'm coming for you.
—(Poster Unknown)

The Kthili Surveyors Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Did you know they're still finding old ruins and hardened bones from ancient times out in Kthili Sands?
There are several groups working out there, excavating and doing surveys, including the Akademy, but the team with the most dig sites and the most unearthed artifacts is without a doubt the Kthili Sands Surveyors.

House on Ice Edit

FFTA2 Notice
The perpetrators in the malicious encasement in ice of of a Fluorgis merchant manse and said manse's inhabitants have been located and contained.
Due to the remarkable durability of the ice—ten days from the date of the incident, and it remains entirely unmelted—we were able to closely examine the scene, leading us to conclude that the perpetrators were indeed several in number, and possessing of an incredible capacity for creating and manipulating large quantities of ice.
Knowing that to lose them in the cold, western reaches of Jylland would be to lose them forever, the Defenders came out in force to stop them in the east. We were successful in containing them within the Kthili Sands.
Though their motives are still unclear, what is clear is that this opportunity to bring them to justice must not be missed.
—Jylland Defenders of the Peace

Open Rivalry Edit

FFTA2 Sayings
Word is that the Bangaa Brotherhood and the Nu Mou Nobles are at it again up in the Rupie Mountains!
Perhaps rumors of a growing desire to end the conflict once and for all are true, for both sides have been openly recruiting mercenaries in the pubs of late.

The Star Seal Edit

An ensorcelled seal, inscribed with a star pattern, and protected by strong magickal wards.
Though it is said that the ancients worked it to keep something at bay, the truth of the matter has been lost in the sands of time.

The Moon Seal Edit

An ensorcelled seal, inscribed with a moon pattern, and protected by strong magickal wards.
Though it is said that the ancients worked it to keep something at bay, the truth of the matter has been lost in the sands of time.

Lamia in my Backyard Edit

FFTA2 Letter
Thank you so much for investigating my gardens; I hear that the source of the noise was nothing other than a lamia singing?
Thanks to you, I can rest easily and undisturbed at night.
By the by, in the days after your investigation, several of my neighbors came to tell me that the strange headaches they'd been suffering had abated quite miraculously! Perhaps the lamia's song was troubling more than my beauty sleep?
Perhaps since I only recently moved here, I had not been exposed to the song long enough to develop the migraines my neighbors complained of, and for that, I am quite grateful.

Komodo Trader Letter Edit

To all members of Clan Gully:
I am in your debt.
After you helped me, I delivered everything where it needed to go, and my house gave me a bonus for my efforts!
My little sister Celestine is thrilled, just thrilled.
Now to grow a bit taller...then I'll be a real big brother, to her, you know? I wish...
Komodo Trader

Rasgow's Letter Edit

FFTA2 Letter
I was wrong. That was no spirit whispering from beyond the grave, but my friends, calling to me. I... will not be saved. This I know.
All I wish now is that no one else should hear this sad voice. Please, rid the mine of its spirits. Let its rock walls and vaulted halls sleep in peace.
Give the spirits their freedom, for I will be joining their number soon.

Bad Clan Rising Edit

FFTA2 Notice
A band of lowlifes has taken to advertising false gemstones to attract gem dealers and other people of means, then forcibly divesting them of their wealth!
Why, they're even using the pubs to spread this misinformation! The nerve!

Spirits in the Sky Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Mebbe you've heard this one already, but they say there's ghosts a-floatin' in the sky... right around where them airships by flyin'.
  • hic*
People're sayin' that, long time ago, back when we had all them airships up 'n'disappearin', why them's what disappeared've come back now as ghosts.
  • hic*
Well, soon's I heard that story, I got meself a ticket and took a ride on one o' them ships. Had me nose pressed up against the window the whole time, I reckon, and guess what? I saw one! A gen-u-wine bone fide haunt!!!
  • hic*
Oh, it was a specter o' death, lemme tell you. Went away in the blink of an eye, but as sure as I love my drink, that was a ghost. And if there's one thing I know, it's spirits.
-Gonra the Drinker

The Eyes Have It Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Countless accounts have come in of large numbers of floating eyes suddenly appearing without warning.
The rumors as to why these eyes are forming are as many as the eyes themselves. Some say it's due to a special material being used for airship propulsion.
Others say it's a side effect of large scale magicite excavation. Opinions are thick upon the ground, yet facts are few and far between.
Concerning the incursion of floating eyes into the aerodrome area, the leading theory is that they encountered an airship en route, decided it was prey, and followed it to port.

Mr. Ocktor Recognized Edit

FFTA2 Sayings
Mr. Ocktor, having developed countless new medicines and applications, has been recognized by the Ivalice Herbalists Association for his contributions.
Mr. Ocktor has developed tinctures for treating the most intricate ailments, worked in several areas of medicine, and through his innovations, saved many lives.
Rumors have now surfaced that the Rozarrian Imperial League of Physicians, located in the capital, have shown interest in working with Mr. Ocktor in the future.

Bombs Away Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Everyone in Fluorgis knows that the fiery Mt. Llavina is a breeding place for bombs.
While naturalists are uncertain as to why bombs form there in such numbers, the phenomenon is thought to have something to do with the site's unique combination of underground magma and high Mist concentration.
Concerning the incursion of bombs into the aerodrome area, the leading theory is that they encountered and airship en route, decided it was prey, and followed it to port.

The Luck-Stick Seller Edit

FFTA2 Notice
It's that time of year again! Yes, the old luck-stick seller is making his rounds once more.
He shows up every year in Fluorgis, right around Blackfrost, and then just seems to wander off...
If you catch sight of him, be sure to buy yourself a luck-stick! Never know when you might get another chance!

The Luck-Stick Trader Edit

FFTA2 Notice
It's that time of year again! Yes, the old luck-stick trader is making her rounds once more.
She shows up every year in Fluorgis, right around Goldsun, and then just seems to wander off...
If you've some luck-sticks knocking around when she comes, be sure to go and see her!
You can swap those things for some really great stuff, you know!

Concerning Luck-Sticks Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Did you know that the luck-stick seller who comes in Blackfrost and the luck-stick trader who comes in Goldsun are two different people?
It's true! The one in Blackfrost's an old man, and the one in Goldsun's an old woman!
You'd never know it to look at 'em, though! ...Makes a fella wonder how exactly they're related. Not that it's any of my business, mind you.
—Domis Streetears

What's Really Important Edit

FFTA2 Letter
I thank you for your watchful eyes and strong arms in Targ Wood. I owe my life to your dutiful protection!
Still, the whole affair came as quite a shock.
I've given this a great deal of thought, and I've decided to put off going to Rozarria, and quit my research laboratory in Moorabella. It's really the only option.
—Mack Ocktor

The Moogle Rangers (1) Edit

FFTA2 Notice
So what if they're cute? They're squatting on my land! They've made a mess of the garden, and there's no way in the Overworld I'll ever get those pumpkins growing again...

The Moogle Rangers (2) Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Strange things are afoot! When I heard a sizable number of Fluorgis's fairer residents were off to Sant D'alsa Bluff en masse, well, I thought that the end had come at last.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they were not abandoning our fine city, but instead flocking to a particular house in the Bluff where the five moogles known as the Moogle Rangers have taken up residence... in the garden.
While the Moogle Rangers have not been known to partake in violent acts, reports have shown that they do nothing to discourage the considerable donations of gil, jewelry, and consumables given them by their smitten fans.
Some Moogle Ranger enthusiasts have raided family fortunes, and even sunk to thievery to fund their worship of these diminutive giants.
Others have been attacked by monsters en route to see the rangers, causing problems of a different sort.
Meanwhile, the fab five are heedless to calls of "enough", or, indeed, the three eviction notices already served them.
With the situation coming to a head, we can only conclude that the Moogle Rangers' intent is malicious, and a mark request has already been issued for their precious pom-poms.
—Dolowat, Chief Director, Fluorgis Assembly

The Mother-Lord Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Honor to the brave adventurer who vanquished the monster known as the Lord of the Flowsand that long plagued the Galerria Deep.
That came to pass but recently, yet now we hear whisperings that the beast has returned... How can this be?
The reports say that the beast is bigger this time, no less. What if, they say, what if it is the lord's mother?

The Legend of the Dragons Edit

Listen now to this tale of a time long past.
It so happened that once upon a time, a great horde of creatures descended upon the peaceful people of Jylland.
The creatures sought to make a land for themselves and so they leveled forests, dirtied waters, and took the lives of countless men and animals.
Then, one day, a piercing sound rolled across the land, and a blinding light came down from the heavens above.
The light burned the creatures where they stood, leaving naught but ash behind.
When the sound and light had faded, three great dragons were seen wheeling high in the sky overhead, surveying the land below.
When they saw that none of the creatures remained, off they flew to the Aldanna Range, never to be seen in the skies again.
The people gave thanks to these three dragons, worshiping them as protector spirits sent by the gods themselves.

The Seeker of Slaughter Edit

FFTA2 Notice
You know the Seeker of Slaughter?
He's a trader in... things. Thing is, nobody knows what those "things" are.
What's more, you don't have to trade him anything for 'em. Just information. Information about battles fought, battles won, battles lost...
He shows up in some ruins somewhere, every year around Plumfrost.
Not very specific, I know...but hey, you get what you pay for.
—Domis Streetears

A Growing Problem Edit

FFTA2 Notice
Oh, kupo! Have you heard? A giant plant thing is going berserk out on Baptiste Hill and no traveler is safe, kupo!
Kupo-po... I was supposed to pass that way, but how can I now? I can't, that's how!
Anyway, I've posted a mark so it should only be a matter of time.
Patience, kupo. Patience.

The Mutadragons Edit

Whispers 'neath the eaves! Three dragons have reared their fearsome heads in the vicinity of the Aldanna Range, and they're attacking town and traveler alike! Such lack of subtlety is sure to earn them mark status shortly.
Mention of three dragons in the Aldannas might recall stories of the protector dragons of old, yet the only similarity here is their numbers.
These are base, feral creatures with naught but menace on their minds.
Perhaps the thick Mist of the region is what drove these typically reclusive wyrms to violence??
—Domis Streetears

A Lost Friend Edit

My friend Shoofa is gone... gone upon the snowy plain. I must find him. I must.

Send Help! Edit

I done got myself hurt in the swamp! I tell you, I thought I knew what pain was when my old chocobo gave up the ghost, but this is something else!
Somebody bring me a potion or something, quick! I hear you Clan Gully folks do good work, so how's about helping an old feller out? Now, if you could send a pretty lass to do the job, well, that'd put the frost on my pumpkin.
Many thanks,

Screaming Beauty Edit

Dark times are these that such a beautiful lady could find herself surrounded by such horrible monsters in the woods near Moorabella.
I thought to rush to her rescue, of course, but... well, what I came to, I looked around to find myself quite alone.
I do hope nothing has befallen her. Did I mention these are dark times?

The Beast of Aisenfield Edit

A man it was, but with a power no man has ever known. Thus was it despised and reviled.
Losing hope in both foolish men and its own cursed self, it became that which they had dreamt for it: a beast, heartless killer of men, its doom to walk under welkin in Aisenfield for eternity.
—From "Dielson's Lay"

The Shrine of the Paling Gods Edit

Is it just me, or are there more monsters in Tramdine Fens now than ever before?
The shrine to the Paling Gods there should keep those things at bay, at least during the daylight hours... unless something has befallen the shrine!?

Savior of the Fens Edit

In Tramdine Fens sits a shrine to the Paling Gods, yet in fact it honors not those protector spirits of myth, but a small girl who once lived in a village near the fens. The girl's name was Elpe. Elpe was said to possess wondrous powers with which she mended the ill, and drove off all manner of fell creatures.
Once, a great horde of demons most foul descended upon her village, and so Elpe bestowed her own strength upon three standing pillars of stone, sacrificing herself to keep the demons at bay.
Since that day, the stones have been known as the Shrine of the Paling Gods, and not a day goes by that the descendants of those villagers do not bring fresh flowers there in remembrance of their savior.
—Excerpt from "The Traditions of Ivalice"

Calamity Cometh Edit

A great calamity comes for the city of Goug.
A terrible creature born here long ago has risen from the flames once again.
If it is not stopped, all of Goug will surely be lost beneath a sea of molten rock.
—The Prophet Hilo

The Mysterious Tower Edit

My grandma told me once that, somewhere near Graszton, there was this mysterious tower that only appeared when the moon is shining.
Oh, the stories she told of the tower!
There were creatures strange and fantastic, and a great treasure at the top!
She told me a story of a famous knight who ventured in there once, too, but I forget how that one went.
—Luma, Town Gossip

The Mysterious Tower, Part 2 Edit

My grandma told me about another tower that only appeared on moonlit nights, but that one was in Aisenfield.
Actually, it's the same tower as the one in Graszton, but this is a different entrance, so it opens in a different place... Does that make sense? I guess that famous knight went up that other way too.
—Luma, Town Gossip

A Theft From the Manor Edit

FFTA2 Sayings
Several items of jewelry and art were stolen the other day from the residence of Baron Popple, the so-called "wheat king" of Camoa. Blame for the theft has been placed on the band known as the Yellow Wings, currently fugitives from the law.
Baron Popple has allegedly hired an elite headhunter to find them and retrieve his stolen goods.

A Giant Metallic Kupo Edit

FFTA2 Letter
Thanks for gathering those machina scraps for me, kupo!
Finally, my years of research in lost technologies are going to pay off, kupo!
Bringing the metal giants back, that's what I'm about, kupo. And thanks to you gathering those scraps, I've finished my repairs!
Yes, my metal giant... though don't get me wrong, he's not really all that big. He's about, well, about my height, kupo.
He's not completely finished. I've got him walking a bit, and carrying light loads though, kupo!
Yes, everything so far's gone with nary a hitch... so far.
Kupo-po... I made some modifications, and thought I had it all figured out, but when I hit the switch... nothing. To be honest, I'm at wit's end, kupo!
Maybe it's the manufacted magicite, I'm thinking. Yes, I'm sure the natural variety's the way to go, kupo! Either that or something involving quickenings...? What to do! Kupo-po...

Picnic Plans Changed Edit

FFTA2 Letter
I am writing to thank you once again for scouting out our proposed picnic location the other day.
Thanks to your findings, we decided to change our picnic from a spelunking tour of the Nazan Mines to a manufactory tour of Goug.
Though I had wished to expose the children to the unique and remarkable beauty of the mines, safety must always come first.
On our tour, I was able to introduce my students to the fascination of a large scale manufactory and the stoic beauty of the exhaust pipe arrangements we saw there.
In short, you may rest assured that your assistance has been to the very great benefit of a number of young minds.

An Elegant Letter Edit

FFTA2 Letter
I must apologize for this missive. It is not my custom to entrust to quill and ink that which might better be left to lip and tongue.
I have heard your recent troubles have been resolved, and so I beg you come and meet me. I wait in Targ Wood.
Eternally yours,

Don't Get Lost! Edit

In the dark and distant past, the winding reaches of the Neslowe Passage were once used as a shipping lane for goods going to and from the Clockwork City of Goug.
Countless shafts crisscross the passage depths, yet no map exists that captures their intricacies, and several unknown ways are said to exist.
There are rumors of a great treasure sleeping in one of those darkened corridors, yet many who have gone in search of it have never been seen again. Gallant gold-seekers be warned!

Kupoppies Edit

FFTA2 Letter
Thanks for the kupoppies the other day. I made the tincture and swallowed it down just before reaching Fluorgis, and lo and behold, I was talking just like her in moments.
It's still unclear to me precisely what quality of her speech is supposed by some to differentiate her as "special" and "grown-up", however... Evidently, the same can be said of her, as she severed all ties with me the moment I opened my mouth.
It's not your fault, really. The blame is mine for relying on such a crutch. I merely thought to relay to you the outcome of things with this letter, kupo.
Finally! The tincture's worn off! I'm back to normal... and maybe it's for the best.
Maybe she'll think so too! I'm off to try again! Wish me luck, kupo!

Thanks from Obuta Edit

FFTA2 Letter
Hey, thanks for getting our well back for us! It sure sucked not having a place to play.
Course now, our moms have taken over the place, and they're always telling us to stop horsing around and study our lessons. Bah!
Now we need someone to drive off our moms!

Hijack Hijinx Edit

FFTA2 Letter
You know the airship hijacking the other day? Turns out that was some kind of exercise to train staff how to deal with possible airship attacks.
The airship terminal workers played the roles of hijacker, victim, and rescue team. Just, the rescue team was late in getting there.
I'd just arrived in town and, well, I was completely fooled. I thought the airship was under attack!
Well, at least they finished their practice, so no harm done, right?

The Ultimate Book of Magick Edit

The ultimate book of magic--The Gran Grimoire.
Who crafter it, and when? This is not known to us. We do not even know if the Gran Grimoire is a single weighty tome, or a roomful of such tomes. Either is equally possible.
According to writings on the Gran Grimoire, he who possesses this book has power enough to shape the very fabric of the world. Yet,with the mere existence of the book now passed into legend, the truth can no longer be known.

Concercing Scions Edit

There are worlds within our world of Ivalice that we cannot touch or know as we know our own bed, home or town.
The Netherworld, the Empyreal Plain, the World of Illusion... these are together known as otherworlds, unseen by the eye; untouched by hand.
The order of creatures known as scions hails from these otherworlds. They are found in many places, in many lands, and they count among their number emissaries of the gods, protector spirits, and even great doers of evil.
Though the otherworlds are not normally accessible from Ivalice, if certain requirements are met, it is possible to give otherwordly power a physical manifestation in our world. This is most commonly seen in the pact made by the summoner who calls down an Esper to fight for them.
From the legend of a great mage in the far eastern realms who sundered a magickal seal, thus receiving a scion as a servant, it would seem that they, too, operate by these same principles.
In Jylland, it has been discovered that the summoning of scions is possible with the use of a particular magickal device. However, it is certain that the power manifested through this means is only an echo of the scion's true power. To evoke the true power of a scion, it would be necessary to harmonize oneself to the scion's being, fusing not only one's purpose with the scion, but one's own body and mind.

Concerning Judges Edit

The history of judges and the law began several hundred years ago here, in Jylland.
There is a place in Jylland called the Wellspring of Magick, and it is this source of power that feeds the near immortal magickal constructs we call Judges.
While the Judges and their laws hold sway over all Jylland, it is the way of this magick that, for one to benefit from its effects, one must swear an oath to the Judges to uphold their laws.
It is thought this is intended to prevent misuse of the Judges, and is at all times an entirely voluntary oath. Only those who desire its benefits need swear.
As we can see, there is nothing in the structure of laws that cannot be explained by our modern theory of magick.

Concerning Grimoires Edit

We often hear stories of such-and-such grimoire, but in truth, any and all books of magick can rightly claim the name "grimoire".
Say, for instance, the tome a young mage might consult to learn the intricacies of casting the magick "fire". This, too, is a grimoire.
So we see, grimoires are everywhere. A part of daily life in this Ivalice. So prevalent have they become, we cease to call them by their proper name, and instead treat them much as we might treat a manual for cooking mushrooms, or a book of fanciful illustrations for children.
...Yet there exists a magickal tome to which the name of grimoire still rightfully, nay, unquestionably belongs.

Origin of the Judges Edit

That the existence of Judges is unique to Jylland can be ascertained by looking at both their role and their roots.
A Judge is a magickal creatuew-a golem, if you will-made solely for the purpose of forming contracts of law.
The Judges and their laws were first conceived hundred of years ago, by the court mages of Archduke Beaudonis who then ruled all of western Jylland.
His goals were nothing less than the adjudication of war. With the Judges in direct control of combat, profitless battles could be avoided, and peace preserved.
However, the people of his day rebelled against the strong arm of the Judges' law, until it was decided that the Judges' laws would be upheld and their benefits received only by those who wished to swear the Judge-oath-and so it remains to this day.

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