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One of those reflections─the one nearest to the Source─is our home. And we were the heroes blessed with Her Light. But not all worlds hold Light and Dark in equal measure. In ours, the power of Light was greater by far. So the Ascians who once threatened our home were no match, and they fell before us, one after another, till none were left. Victory, we thought...

...And then came the Light─a flood of pure, blinding radiance, annihilating shadow and color and life itself. Ere long, it will consume our world, leaving naught in its wake but blank perfection.

Norvrandt (ノルヴラント, Noruvuranto?) is the main setting of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It is a region of the First, one of thirteen reflections of the world of Hydaelyn that was created when the goddess Hydaelyn banished the dark god Zodiark, and roughly analogous to Hydaelyn's Eorzea.

By the time of Shadowbringers, Norvrandt is the only region of the First that hasn't succumbed to the Flood of Light that has consumed the rest of the world, and is bathed in perpetual daylight.

While Norvrandt at its base is a perfect reflection of Eorzea from the time the worlds split, millenia have passed in the time since. This has resulted in drastic differences in the worlds' histories. Nearly everything familiar between the two worlds goes by a different name, cities appear where there were none in the other world and vice versa.

The regions of Norvrandt are all counterparts to Eorzean regions:

The familiar races of Eorzea also appear in Norvrandt, but their cultures have diverged drastically to the point of being alien, and they are known by different names:

Some characters from Eorzea have counterparts in Norvrandt: