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The Norvallen Front is a theater of the Crystal War in Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. It encompasses north-central Quon along its east coast. The Orcish Hosts have chosen Norvallen as their headquarters, placing themselves between their Dark Kindred masters in the Northlands and the Alliance of Altana that opposes them.

The front contains most of the modern-day Norvallen region.


Jugner Forest[]


Jugner Forest is a thick woodland found southeast of the Kingdom of San d'Oria. Following the Alliance's defeat at the Battle of La Theine, the traditional road to Jugner was lost and San d'Oria was forced to seek an alternative route to the front. The Kingdom therefore established a shortcut through King Ranperre's Tomb to connect the forest to East Ronfaure directly.

Though San d'Oria regards the forest and surrounding lands as the Kingdom's territory, it has not maintained control in the face of invading Orcs. Following the slaughter of three hundred knights at the Battle of Jugner, the village of La Vaule in the southwest was overrun and converted into a stronghold for the Beastmen. Emboldened by their victory, the Orcs erected barricades throughout Jugner to frustrate Alliance troops. Eastbound travelers are therefore forced to detour through the Vunkerl Inlet in the southeast to reach nearby Batallia Downs.

A Cavernous Maw links the forest to itself twenty years in the future. Well-prepared wayfarers can also reach this war-torn woodland by means of the Recall-Jugner spell.

Laisavie X Berlends, an Elvaan paladin, leads the Silver Fox Archers in San d'Oria's campaign to reclaim the forest. She approaches battle more as a ranger, however, wielding a bow and loosing arrows across multiple enemies with remarkable speed. Even so, Laisavie does not hesitate to draw her sword and demonstrates a range of knightly techniques, including Invincible, when pressed.

In turn, the Orcish Hosts assigned the dragoon Steelbiter Gudrud and the Bloodwing Impalers to seize control of this area.

Batallia Downs[]

Batallia Downs is a depleted timberland east of Jugner Forest. With its natural resources stripped, Batallia is reduced to a series of bare hills in the shadow of the Achaque Mountains. A route through the these northern bluffs leads to the Beaucedine Glacier while bridges connect to Rolanberry Fields in the south and the Grand Duchy of Jeuno in the southeast. As the only ground between the Dark Kindred and the Duchy, Batallia is a critical battlefield for the Alliance of Altana.

The Everbloom Hollow runs below the downs. Its winding tunnels reach as far as East Ronfaure. A Cavernous Maw also links Batallia to itself twenty years in the future.

The Royal Army of San d'Oria dedicates the Knights of the Crimson Wolf to operations in this area. Their leader, an Elvaan dark knight named Mieuseloir B Enchelles, siphons life from his enemies with terrifying ease. In turn, the Orcish Hosts assigned the sorcerer Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk and the Gravemaker Mesmerizers to seize control of this area.

La Vaule[]


La Vaule was once a village in a secluded valley south of Jugner Forest. The majestic monastery at its center was a popular destination for pious San d'Orians. It has been occupied by Orcs and transformed into their headquarters in the wake of the Kingdom's military defeats in the region. The Orcish Emperor, Bloodcrown Brradhod, is rumored to visit this new settlement.

In the future this area is renamed Davoi.

Everbloom Hollow[]

Everbloom Hollow is a large network of subterranean burrows spanning northern Quon. It enables surreptitious travel between the Ronfaure Front and Batallia Downs. The Vunkerl Inlet can be reached from Everbloom as well. Control of the hollow is much desired by Beastmen and Alliance members alike.

The Eldieme Necropolis[]

The Eldieme Necropolis is an ancient Elvaan burial ground, originally called the Coveffe Barrows, that lies beneath much of Batallia Downs. In better times, terminally ill San d'Orians would spend their last days in Eldieme. It has since become choked with restless undead and been adopted by the Republic of Bastok as a supply depot. Refugees denied passage through Jeuno's gates also seek shelter here. Players wishing to undertake the path of a Scholar would do well to visit this place.

San d'Oria's Temple Knights are responsible for the defense of the Necropolis. Under the command of Febrenard C Brunnaut, an Elvaan white mage, they use curative magic to support each other while banishing their Orcish foes. In turn, the Orcish Hosts assigned Battlemaster Vatgit and the Clan Longtooth Pillagers to seize control of this area.

Musical themes[]

"Batallia Downs" plays in Batallia Downs.