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Northern Valley.

The Northern Valley (北の峡谷, Kita no Kyōkoku?) is a region of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is an optional region reached with the Setzer airship. The Northern Valley houses nothing but strong monsters due to the use of the Ultima Bomb by the Militesi Empire. The serpentine pits spreading throughout the valley are characteristic for the region, being partly responsible for its name.

Locations Edit

The Valley of Monsters Edit

The Valley of Monsters is a dungeon accessed in one of the Northern Valley's pits.

Items Edit


Enlil's Crystal location.

l'Cie Enlil's Crystal is found in the bottom of one of the canyons.

Quests Edit


Capturing a Sneaky Chocobo.

Chocobo catching Edit

Sneaky Chocobos can be caught from this area. The chocobos appear randomly and are caught by pressing the action button near it.

Enemies Edit

Enemies here are between levels 64-

  • Three fixed level 99 Behemoth King encounters serve as obstacles.

Gallery Edit

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