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The Northern Cave.

Northern Cave (北の洞窟, Kita no Dōkutsu?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It lies north of Lux and is a passage to the Crystal Temple.


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If the player tries to get inside the cave before completing the first dungeon, the guard will deny the party access.

Aigis, accompanied by his students (Sol and Glaive) and his sister Diana, was sent by the king to the Crystal Temple. The only way to reach there is through this cave. Upon reaching the cave the guard will scoff at the bunch but allow access, as the king ordered it. In the cave's last section the party will save Elgo just in time from a powerful monster. After the battle, Elgo will join the party, accompanying them to the Temple.

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Item Place
Cotton Cap 1F
Sacred Candle 1F
Maiden's Kiss 1F
Ether 1F
Dagger 2F
Leather Shoes 2F
Leather Armor 1F
Tent 1F
Phoenix Down 1F
Moogle Coin Chest near the South entrance (Chapter 4)


The Moogle Emporium can be found at the exit of Northern Cave.


Item Price
Knife 80
Short Sword 130
Broadsword 250
Staff 100
Rod 80


Item Price
Leather Shield 100
Leather Helm 80
Leather Hat 50
Cotton Cap 60
Leather Armor 120
Leather Shirt 80
Cotton Robe 100


Item Price
Potion 30
Maiden's Kiss 60
Antidote 40
Eye Drops 30
Phoenix Down 200
Tent 200


Musical theme[]

"Cave" is the song that plays in the dungeon.


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