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FFL Northeast Town

Northeast Town on the world map.

Northeast Town (北東の島の町, Hokutou no Shima no Machi?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend.


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After finding the island that can sail like a ship, they head towards this town. The party will learn valuable information in the town, they learn that Sei-Ryu lives in the castle at the bottom of the ocean. Another citizen tells them that if the Airseed is put into the ocean, it'll produce oxygen. The last bit of information is a citizen warning the party to stay away from the old man living on the southern island.

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Name Cost
FFL Sword IconBattle 989 GP
FFL Sword IconKatana 2060 GP
Saber 2060 GP
FFL Helmet IconSilver 150 GP
FFL Armor IconSilver 300 GP
FFL Book IconFog 500 GP
Wand 750 GP
Rock 100 GP
FFL Helmet IconGold 175 GP
FFL Sword IconLong 132 GP


Name Cost
Punch 500 GP
Kick 1,100 GP
Butt 2,100 GP
X-Kick 4,100 GP
Judo 8,100 GP
Karate 15,100 GP
Counter 510 GP
Tempter 750 GP
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