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North Gustaberg.

North Gustaberg is an area in Final Fantasy XI. Separated into east and west areas by towering cliffs, this rocky region remains desolate due to various mineral runoffs which contaminate the river water. However, the spectacular Drachenfall, located to the north, is considered to be one of the wonders of Vana'diel.

Location Edit

Located in the Gustaberg region, this valley is surrounded by steep mountains. Before alternative forms of transport become available, it is necessary for adventurers hailing from Bastok in the south to trek through this area in order to reach the Konschtat Highlands to the northwest.

North Gustaberg is dominated by Zegham Hill, located on the east side of North Gustaberg. The hill can be scaled from the north side, and a circuitous path winds around the mountain to the top, where a monument lies. The lack of a point to scale the hill from the south side forces those heading to the Palborough Mines to walk around it.

Both the Obere Creek and Zeikt Creek originate from Zegham Hill. Obere Creek flows to the south into the city of Bastok. It might at first seem unremarkable, but a rare gem called a Siren's Tear may be found on its shores, and may only be retrieved by one who has shunned violence by putting down their weapons. Zeikt Creek flows off the cliff to the west into a steep valley to form the majestic Drachenfall. While Drachenfall can be seen from nearly anywhere on the west side of North Gustaberg, its base can only be reached by traversing Dangruf Wadi. The base of Drachenfall is one of only three places adept fishermen can pull up the rare Gavial fish.

Landmarks Edit

Palborough Pioneers Monument Edit

NGustaberg Monument

The Palborough Pioneers monument.

Position: (J-7)

At the top of Zegham Hill, a monument sits in honor of the lives of the "Palborough Pioneers", a group of miners who died helping build the mines. Occasionally, pilgrims may come to the monument to pay their respects. The monument reads:

Here rest the Great Palborough Pioneers. May Gustaberg's warm soil bring peace to their souls.

Monument inscription.

Stone Monument Edit

NGustaberg Stone Monument

The stone monument in North Gustaberg.

Position: (G-7)

This ancient monument was placed and inscribed by the legendary Gwynham Ironheart. It sits at the base of Drachenfall, and may only be reached by going through Dangruf Wadi. The player must make a copy of the monument's inscription using clay and take it to Abelard in Selbina, along with the rest of the inscriptions of the monuments across the land, in order to obtain a valuable map of the Crawlers' Nest. The monument reads:

As I passed through this area, I heard Bastokers were building a monument honoring the pioneers who dug the Palborough Mines. Being the curious type, I went to visit the site.
The site itself turned out to be an old cemetery, where the tombstones were so old, the names were worn away with age.
It turned out that the graves were those of numerous Galka who died in an accident the day the Metalworks was completed, in a time when Bastok was still struggling to become a nation.
I do not know if the Palborough Pioneers are the heroes people claim they are. I, for a fact, have no doubt the Galka who lie here gave their lives bravely to settle this arid, forsaken land.
I decided to spend a night here, drinking to the unnamed heroes of a forgotten time.

Gwynham Ironheart, 749 Crystal Era

Connected Areas Edit

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(L-8), Dangruf Wadi
(C-8), Palborough Mines
(K-3), Oldton Movalpolos
(J-6), (K-6), North Gustaberg (S)
(K-7) and Abyssea - Grauberg
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Enemies Edit

  • Amber Quadav
  • Amethyst Quadav
  • Black Wolf*(at night)
  • Ding Bats*(from dusk to dawn)
  • Enchanted Bones*(at night)
  • Fighting Pugil*(caught fishing)
  • Fledermaus*(from dusk to dawn)
  • Goblin Digger
  • Goblin Fisher
  • Goblin Gamber
  • Goblin Leecher
  • Goblin Mugger
  • Goblin Thug
  • Goblin Weaver
  • Huge Hornet
  • Maneating Hornet
  • Ornery Sheep
  • Pixie
  • Pug Pugil*(caught fishing)
  • River Crab
  • Rock Lizard
  • Sand Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Sand Pugil
  • Shrapnel*(in foggy weather)
  • Stone Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Stone Eater
  • Tunnel Worm
  • Vulture
  • Walking Sapling
  • Young Quadav

Notorious Monsters Edit

Garrison Enemies Edit

  • Brass Quadav
  • Heliodor Quadav
  • Old Quadav
  • Sapphirine Quadav
  • Lead Quadav*(Garrison leader)

Confrontation Enemies Edit

Voidwatch Enemies Edit

Music Edit

As with South Gustaberg, "Gustaberg" is the eponymous theme of the main areas of the region. It plays at any time the player is in the area, unless the player is in a battle. During battle, "Battle Theme" plays when fighting solo, and "Battle Theme #2" plays when fighting in a party with others.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As North Gustaberg is located right outside a starter city and designed to cater to low level, it is well known as a newbie area.

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