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The North Corel Area is a desert area of the world map in Final Fantasy VII, located on the western continent. Despite its name the area of North Corel is not located here (instead located in the Gold Saucer Area); the area is located on the other side of the mountains North Corel is backed onto. The name of North Corel in Japanese uses the kanji for north, (Kita?), while this area uses the English word for north written in katakana (ノース, Nōsu?).

A southern part of its river separates it from the Corel Area, and a small amount of ocean on the west separates it from the Rocket Launch Pad Area. Mountains on the west of the southern border (including Mt. Nibel) separate it from the Gold Saucer Area and the Nibel Area. The islands on the north and eastern side of the area belong to the Icicle Area.

The area has five separate sections that cannot be traversed between on foot. The south-western section is accessed by crossing the mountains via a Chocobo with mountain-traversing abilities (green, black, or gold). A small incline separates it from the north-western section, which also requires the same kind of Chocobo to reach. The eastern section is separated from the western sections by a river and therefore requires a Chocobo that can traverse both mountain and water (black or gold). This section contains the only accessible location on the island, a Materia Cave containing the HP↔MP Materia. A small dirt section is found behind mountains in the northwest. A small bit of grass, too small for the Highwind to land on, but big enough to dismount a Chocobo, is found behind mountain on the far-east.

Despite having three types of terrain, enemies can only be encountered in the desert parts.

The Cactuer enemy who gives out large quantities of EXP and AP, and can be morphed into a Tetra Elemental, can be encountered here. However, the encounter rate is lower than on Cactus Island where they are fought exclusively (on the desert parts).


North Corel Area is the only terrain where the total encounter chance of all normal battles does not total 100%; it totals 87.5%. This means that there is a 1/8 chance that the battle is skipped.

[20/64] Sea Worm
[20/64] Tonadu
[16/64] Cactuer