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Norduscaen Blockade is an imperial blockade that bars travel between Leide and Duscae in Final Fantasy XV. It is visited in Chapter 2 as part of a main quest, and in Chapter 8 as part of a quest from Cindy Aurum for remodeling the Regalia into Regalia Type-D.


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After retrieving two royal arms from the Keycatrich area, Prince Noctis returns to the Prairie Outpost to speak with Monica Elshett. She instructs him to meet with Marshal Cor Leonis at the Norduscaen Blockade to open the way to Duscae, so Noctis can continue to collect the arms of the his forebears.


Noctis rendezvouses with Monica near at the ruins by the blockade. Cor's plan is to have Noctis's retinue—Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia and Prompto Argentum—accompany Monica to create a diversion while Cor and Noctis will sneak in and open the blockade. They face imperial troops along the way, and at the center of the blockade are accosted by Loqi Tummelt who arrives on a magitek engine. Loqi is an imperial general who has a grudge against Cor, and he engages the party with his MA but loses. The blockade is opened and the party can continue to Duscae.

After the preparations for restoring the royal vessel are underway, the party can visit Hammerhead and find blueprints at the body shop Cid Sophiar once drew up to remodel the Regalia, the party's car. Cindy sends Noctis out to the Norduscaen Blockade to find tires, and with them remodels the car into Regalia Type-D for off-the-road travel.

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Declaration of War[]


Norduscaen Blockade is visited in Chapter 2 as part of the main quest Declaration of War. After speaking to Monica after completing Keycatrich Trench, the party is sent to just to the south of the blockade where Cor knows there is a suitable opening. The way may be blocked by Anak and their calves. Monica is there and the player must pass through a narrow path. Noctis and Cor are to sneak in, while the rest accompany Monica to create a diversion. After meeting up with Cor the player can head through the door and find a Hi-Potion at a dead end on the left.

Continuing on, there are imperial soldiers on a ledge above. The player can easily warp-strike them. The player should descend the stairs into the next area to find a Magitek Axeman; Cor's Technique can be used to kill it.

Heading through the door finds two Imperial Snipers on a catwalk and more Magitek Axemen below. The player can warp-strike to take the snipers out while Cor fights the axemen, whom the player can warp-strike from above. Continuing along the far alley finds a Hi-Elixir before turning left.

The next area has four snipers on the catwalks with more axemen on the ground level. Cor can again fight the axemen while Noctis warp-strikes the snipers. Heading through the far door and taking a left turn finds a Muscle Stimulant. The party will reunite and Loqi arrives his MA-X Cuirass, initiating a boss battle.

Boss battle.

Loqi is accompanied by Magitek Axemen and Imperial Snipers. The player should focus on killing the snipers first with warp-strikes, then concentrate on the axemen. During this phase Loqi launches homing missiles that require the player to be on the move to avoid. After killing the other mobs, the player can focus on Loqi and use greatswords to break the MA's legs, causing the cockpit to lower and use the party's best attacks and Techniques on it. The MA's arms an be attacked when they are lowered to destroy its launcher and sawblade. Defeating MA-X Cuirass earns a Circular Saw and the MA will explode after a short delay of being defeated. This concludes Chapter 2.

Regalia Type-D[]

In Chapter 8 the player can inspect the blue prints at the Hammerhead body shop to trigger a quest from Cindy for remodeling the Regalia into Regalia Type-D. Cindy sends the party to the ruins near the Norduscaen Blockade to find four tires. They are large and easy to spot.

Behind the scenes[]

Key art used for the Japanese cover.

At the end of the chapter when the party is heading toward Duscae, they assume the pose from the key art used when starting up the game and for the Japanese cover art, although Gladiolus is not carrying the camping gear.