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NPC artwork from Crisis Core.

A non-player character or non-playable character (NPC for short) is any character within a video game that cannot be controlled by the player. This includes most enemies and bosses, although some enemies later join the hero's party. Talking with non-playable characters may sometimes trigger sidequest to complete. The NPC event skip glitches are glitches in the Final Fantasy series used to skip certain events.

Game specifics[]

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The player is able to interact with non-player characters who provide various information and many can be challenged at Triple Triad, by pressing Square.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The player can press Square to challenge non-player characters with Tetra Master. Unlike previous games, most NPCs are uniquely named.

Final Fantasy X[]

Player can interact with non-player characters and may be given items from random people. After completing the events regarding Luca, the player can press Square while talking to certain people to recruit them for the blitzball matches as team members of Besaid Aurochs.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

The player can interact with non-playable characters. By initiating the publicity campaign at Calm Lands and/or marriage recruiting, the player can press Square to 'pump' people into one of the Calm Lands companies and/or praise the Argent Inc. owner's son.

The International and HD Remaster versions, allows the player to recruit most of characters into the party, including the playable characters from Final Fantasy X, bar Wakka.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Due to the exploration system, many non-playable characters have names or epithets describing the nature of the non-player character.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

The non-playable characters' conversations can be overheard, but aside from that they don't have any relation to the party due to the game's specific story-driven gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Artwork of some non-player characters.

Non-player characters' conversations can be overheard. The player can also initiate a conversation with some NPCs and on one occasion depending on who's the current party leader a different discussion can be heard. Some NPC can also initiate sidequests, referred as Fragment Quests in the Datalog, which may span for several areas.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Lightning looks at several people at Luxerion.

There are two types of NPCs that appear, those that Lightning can interact with that helps her progress through the game and those that are placeholders for the Outerworld Services' NPC. The former will have white color fonts while the latter will have blue colored fonts. The Outerworld Services' NPCs will take the place of the countless unnamed humans and animals found throughout Nova Chrysalia. The player will be able buy items from them if they have anything to sell.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Throughout Eorzea, a number of unnamed NPCs can be overheard talking in speech bubbles, often with amusing or interesting dialogue.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

The player can kill the NPCs found within the towns, but they have high HP and they do not yield the player any experience points or GP. Since NPCs can be hit, this can be used to "push" them out of the player's way and allow Sumo to pass through if they are blocking the way.