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Brother Nolanel is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a Hearer who appears during Conjurer questline.


To help the Warrior of Light deepen his understanding of the earth element, Nolanel has given him the task of investigating the corrupted soil found in the field behind the Treespeak Stables. After the Warrior of Light kills the contaminated earth spirit that emerged from the corrupted soil and returns to listen to Nolanel's lessons, Sylphie appears on the scene and refuses to learn about nature, an attitude that bothers Nolanel.

Nolanel, Joacin and Wulfiue are sent to purify a powerful disturbance discovered in South Shroud. Sylphie becomes convinced that the conjuration itself is to blame for inciting nature's wrath. Fearing that the group of Heares are further angering the Twelveswood, Sylphie goes out to try to stop them. To Sylphie's surprise, they receive the help of the elementals to succeed in clearing the massive manifestation of corrupted earth.




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Brother Nolanel is an ally npc during the conjurer quest Like Mother, Like Daughter Like Mother, Like Daughter.