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Noin (ノイン, Noin?) is a non-player character in Bravely Archive. She serves as the cryst-fairy companion of Katarina. She is the twin sister of Ain.



In her initial form, Noin has long brown hair tied into a braid, with her two hair tails facing forward. She wears a black choker and a gray, sleeveless dress with faded black fringes on the skirt. She wears gloves and boots with faded black fringes on the edges. Her wings are reminiscent of a butterfly's and are adorned with patterns of blue on its surface.

After revealing her true nature, Noin lets down her long brown hair and her two hair tails converge in the center. Her wings have become spiked wings adorned with sharp blue patterns on its surface.

In her transformed appearance, Noin has grown in size and has let loose her long brown hair, with the two hair tails forming a heart shape in the center. The sides of her head are adorned with yellow roses. She wears a long, violet dress that accentuates her figure and has black and yellow patterns throughout her skirt. She wears black gloves tied with yellow ribbons and she wears black boots that are tied with yellow and black ribbons and have yellow roses in the front. Her wings have become spiked wings with patterns of violet strewn about its surface.


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Throughout their travels, Noin manipulated Katarina into destroying the world's boundaries, causing irreparable damage to her body.

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BADR Noin boss portrait

Noin can be fought as a boss following her transformation.


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