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Nogeloix is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He originally was the receptionist of the Alchemists' Guild in the original Final Fantasy XIV. In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Nogeloix was reintroduced as a recurring character in seasonal events.


When the adventurer visits Frondale's Phrontistery, he is met by Nogeloix who leads him to Master Faustigeant.[1] Later when the adventurer joins the Alchemists' Guild, Nogeloix shares some of the basic teachings of the alchemical trade and talks about the distress of the son of the guild master, Damielliot, who fell unconscious. Making his care the guild's top priority, Nogeloix asks the adventurer to travel to Camp Black Brush to look for healing reagents for a remedy. After returning with the medicine, Nogeloix instructs the adventurer to deliver the medicine directly to S'lyhhia, Damiellot's infirmary. Unexpectedly, Damiellot reacts to the adventurer's presence and Nogeloix asks him once again to visit the guild master's son in his ward.[2]

Subsequently, Nogeloix instructs the adventurer to travel to Gridania to buy a healing herb that may work to relieve Damiellot's symptoms and once the adventurer returns with the herb, Nogeloix asks for help to help S'lyhhia in her difficulties in dealing with children.[3] The adventurer's treatment is effective and Nogeloix suddenly wakes up from his deep sleep.[4]




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