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Noel Kreiss+ is a boss in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He is fought at the end of the Luxerion main quest and replaces Noel Kreiss if the player waits until Day 7 or later. He wears the Battle Attire DLC costume from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and uses a new weapon.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Noel fights the same as his Day 1 - 6 counterpart. He makes use ailment-inflicting attacks such as Imperil Strike, which can inflict the titular ailment and increase the power of his Wind-elemental abilities. Slow Strike inflicts not only Slow but also Deprotect and Deshell when successful. When Noel uses ATB Charge, he will gain Vigilance and prepare to perform a longer string of physical attacks. After he has lost half of his health, he uses Blessing of Shadows or Chimes of Darkness, which bestows Haste, Bravery, Shell, and Enaero. He also attacks with more powerful versions of Gale Fang and Meteor Javelin.

Strategy Edit

Most of Noel's attacks are predictable, so the player should always be ready to perfect guard, as it makes Noel easier to interrupt. Lightning's schemata should comprise of lightning elemental abilities and wind resistance accessories. The player can also make use of "Thief" auto abilities when Noel casts Blessing of Shadows or Chimes of Darkness.


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