Crown Prince of Lucis, a kingdom under the divine protection of the Crystal. To prepare himself for his wedding, he takes a road trip with friends Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto, earning a wealth of experience along the way. Uncomfortable with special treatment, his personality is not particularly princely.


Noctis is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter Royal Hope.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Noctis wears an unzipped black jacket with skull-motif buttons and sequenced details on pockets, with a black motorcycle glovelet on his left hand. Underneath, he wears a steel gray shirt with skull prints. He wears black cropped trousers and buckled boots with red soles.

In his alternate costume, Kingly Raiment, Noctis wears a black suit adorned with golden jewelry, a black and gold pauldron on his left shoulder, a cape with intricate golden chains, and black shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Story[edit | edit source]

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Act 2, Ch. 7: Respite's Authenticity[edit | edit source]

Meeting Ignis[edit | edit source]

Noctis is chatting with Lyse, Fang and Prompto when his cell phone inexplicably begins to ring. He initially mistakes it for his alarm only to find that Ignis is on the line. Ignis tells Noctis that he has arrived in the world of respite. Shortly thereafter the two meet in person. When Lyse asks Noctis to introduce Ignis to the rest of the group, Ignis interrupts him and designates himself as the Crown Prince's "tactician".

After a round of warm introductions with Lyse, Garnet, and Ace, Lyse takes note of how happy Noctis seemed to be when he received Ignis' call. Noctis is baffled at her use of the word "happy", believing that it is normal to be relieved upon learning that one of his close friend was well. Mog draws near to tell them that he was discovered brilliance nearby, and Shinryu did not seem to be present to inconvenience them. Noctis then calls on the warriors to move quickly to retrieve it.

As they continue in their travels, Ignis takes his leave of Prompto and Noctis to converse with Steiner, Rosa, Edgar, Lenna and Penelo. Noctis expresses his unease to Prompto, noting that Ignis seems to be settling in a little too well for someone who had only just arrived in the world of respite. While they talk, Noel and Prishe approach them, asking them if there is anything that they'd want to ask Ignis since it had been such a long time since they'd last seen him. Noel pushes them to go and engage Ignis more actively as Prishe chides Noctis for his apparent fear of being scolded by Ignis. Noctis ultimately agrees that he needed to talk to Ignis about the differences in their memories, prompting Noel to call Ignis over to them.

Ignis joins Noctis and Prompto to talk privately to express their suspicions that Ignis remembers, and is acting, on information that they have forgotten. Among other things Noctis and Prompto note that while Ignis met Materia directly, the other two did not. Ignis deflects their questions, telling them that he doesn't want to say anything vague or incomplete in the case it complicates or worsens their situations. He instead turns the conversation towards whether anybody had seen Gladiolus; whether Prompto had been indulging his passion for photography; and how Noctis and Prompto have been doing. Noctis reassures Ignis that because of Mog, none of them are in want, and that he has been enjoying his time in the world of respite fighting alongside his new friends. Ignis falls silent, prompting some confusion from his two friends. Noctis continues to take note of Ignis' strange behavior with consternation.

Sephiroth's ascent[edit | edit source]

Sephiroth usurps Materia's throne and her powers as goddess. He conjures countless manikins of Zack Fair into existence and issues the appearances and memories of the warriors of light upon them. The manikins are dispersed to infiltrate the ranks of the warriors, and then to confuse and demoralize them as they deteriorate into monsters. After Tidus and Jecht discover and confront their clones, Tidus recounts the experience to Noctis, Vivi, Ignis, Zack, and Cloud. Noctis is the first to speculate that these entities might represent an entirely new brand of dark manikin.

The group discusses whether there is a way to tell the manikins apart but struggle to come up with ideas. Noctis suggests that the group always stay together but Tidus dismisses the idea as too logistically difficult. As the manikins reflect the memories of the warriors who are present, Ignis ultimately suggests that the group test suspicious individuals by quizzing them on knowledge that the manikins could not possibly know. This gives the warriors some reassurance that there is a path forward through the current situation. As the group moves on, Noctis lingers behind, pondering Ignis' sudden rise as advisor for the entire band of warriors.

Some time later, Ignis calls on Noctis and the other warriors to regroup at his location. Noctis arrives to discover his and Prompto's clones. Cloud immediately draws his weapon on the clones, alarming the false Prompto and causing him to plead with Cloud against violence. Once it becomes clear that violence is inevitable, the clones shed their appearances and reveal themselves as dark manikins of Zack.

As the group traverses a familiar rainy area, Galuf and Bartz suddenly fall severely ill before transforming into monsters. Others degrade as well, sowing chaos in the warriors' ranks. At this time Zack's dark manikin approaches Noctis, Zack, and the others. They agree to clash in battle so Zack's memories can be united once more.

After the battle, Noctis heeds Cloud's and Zack's call for a strategy meeting. Having regained the memories of his dark manikin, Zack explains that Sephiroth has seized Materia's throne. When Ignis indicates that he had been informed of the matter earlier by Vayne, Vaan angrily confronts him for not disclosing the encounter to the other warriors. During the argument Noctis echoes Vaan's suspicion of Ignis' intentions. When Noctis notes that the world itself hasn't changed much since Sephiroth's ascent to the throne, Edgar seizes the opportunity to speculate that Materia was not killed by Sephiroth, as her very existence may be essential to the continued survival of the world of respite. When the meeting adjourns, Noctis once again hangs behind Ignis and the others to contemplate his eroding trust in his friend.

Confronting Sephiroth[edit | edit source]

The warriors enter a military installation resembling the Lucian countryside fortresses which were commandeered by Niflheim back in Noctis' world. They encounter Vayne, who had been waiting for them at the fortress' entrance. Ignis and Vayne immediately begin sharing intelligence on the state of the current crisis. The group learns of Sephiroth's strategy with the clones was to weaken the resolve of the warriors of light, particularly because their wills are essential to the stability of the world's continued existence.

Cloud resolves to confront and defeat Sephiroth and to restore Materia to her throne. However, Vayne questions the integrity of the warriors' wills and singles out Noctis in particular, as Noctis' will to be king is weak. He implies that Noctis is weaker for lack of his memories, an implication which leads Ignis to challenge Vayne in battle to prove Noctis' will. After they spar, Vayne relents, accepting that the strength of Noctis' will does not come from his ambition but rather from the bonds he has forged with his comrades. Vayne expresses envy for Noctis before reaffirming his support for the warriors. He then disappears back through a torsion.

After the battle with Vayne, Noctis and Prompto confront Ignis sternly. Ignis admits that he has indeed been withholding information from his friends and that he has priorized maneuvering among the other warriors. He begins to apologize but Noctis rejects it. Instead, Noctis asks Ignis if he is withholding his memories for fear that his friends are too weak to handle the pain of bearing them. Ignis tells them that they are mistaken; it is not that they are weak, but that it pains him to take away the happiness they have enjoyed in their journeys through the world of respite. Ignis admits that he is unprepared to tell them the truth and asks for more time.

As the warriors press forward, Zack and Cloud glimpse Sephiroth just before he steps through a torsion. They give chase, followed by Ignis, Noctis, and Prompto, and find themselves before Sephiroth in Materia's chambers. Sephiroth and Zack taunt each other, driving Zack into a rage. When Zack calls on his allies to attack Sephiroth together, Noctis heeds the call. The warriors manage to defeat him; as they do, they unseat him from Materia's throne and the world begins to disintegrate. A planesgorger emerges from the torsion directly into Materia's chambers. Mog, hoping to protect the warriors from the dangers of fighting in an unstable space, teleports all the combatants into the ruins of a city resembling Insomnia, a place where the wills of the warriors intersect particularly strongly. Noctis and the others spar with Sephiroth in the streets of the city for some time before Sephiroth declares his boredom with their efforts. Before Sephiroth can continue his monologue, Spiritus appears alongside the warriors to put a stop to Sephiroth's plans. However, Sephiroth, having ascended once to Materia's throne already, has broken the hold that the laws of the world have over him, and Spiritus is unable to defeat him. Sephiroth escapes through a torsion.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

After Sephiroth leaves, Spiritus resummons Materia, revealing her to be alive. He commands Noctis and the other warriors to restore her to her throne. After doing so, the warriors demand answers from her for her past actions and the events that led to her ouster. Materia admits that although she fails to comprehend the wills of her warriors, she remains bound to her responsibility of maintaining the world to which she had forcibly summoned them, and she is incapable of leaving her throne. Ignis, remembering Noctis' fate in their world, defends Materia from Lightning's frustrated accusations over failing to defy her own fate.

After the warriors depart Materia's chambers they continue to explore the ruins of the city. Noctis pulls aside Ignis, Prompto, Balthier, Rinoa and Squall to try and decipher Vayne's intentions. He particularly questions why Vayne had only been interested in interacting with Ignis rather than any of the other warriors. Balthier reminds the others that Vayne appeared to envy Noctis' strong bonds of friendship, which he lacked even as he lusted for power over Archadia as its new emperor. He suggests that Vayne might see some aspect of the person he had wished to be when he looks at Noctis, an assessment that Rinoa agrees with. Noctis fails to understand why it wouldn't be normal to be happy and with good friends.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The strength of Noctis's kit (with all abilities: 15cp, 35cp, EX+ 3/3, LD, BT) resides in the high damage potential associated with additional turns and the timings of additional attacks. For instance, his LD ability, Steel Pirouette, buffs the party with Warpstep for 2 turns. When a party member attacks an enemy with this buff, they will be given a place in the turn order immediately before the next round of enemy attacks.

Noctis's BURST sequence imparts a residual ability that adds an additional attack after any other party member strikes an enemy before Noctis takes his next 3 turns. When paired with characters whose kits depend on instant attack abilities (e.g., Machina) or on non-delay-based turn manipulation (e.g., Rem), this residual BURST ability can deal considerable additional damage. In co-op battles, if another player triggers their own BURST sequence while Noctis's residual burst ability is active, Noctis will also attack the enemy during every turn of that player's BURST sequence.

Noctis's two main abilities, Warpstep and Shooting Star, respectively become Warpstep+ and Shooting Star+ if used in their normal forms. The augmented versions pair with an additional Warpstep attack that significantly increases Noctis's damage output for that turn. Shooting Star+ also triggers a chase sequence that allows other characters to further shave HP or BRV from the targeted enemy and thus is best used when Noctis takes his turn prior to other party members. The player can use the bloom ability Set Warp Advance before starting his BURST to preserve the higher-powered + versions of these abilities.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Sword of the Wise (XV).png Sword of the Wise
BT 130
The True King's Resolve:
  • Equips the BT Ability: Legacy of the Lucii.
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Rune Saber (XV)+.png Rune Saber (XV)+
7★ (EX+) 100
One Anointed by the Crystal Extension:
  • Improves the EX Ability: Conjure Armiger.
DFFOO Flametongue (XV).png Flametongue
5★ (LD) 90
Successor of the Ring:
  • Equips the LD Ability: Steel Pirouette.
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Rune Saber (XV).png Rune Saber (XV)
5★ (EX) 70
One Anointed by the Crystal:
  • Equips the EX Ability: Conjure Armiger.
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Airstep Sword (XV).png Airstep Sword (XV)
5★ 35
Royal Lineage:
  • Death Drop, Death Drop+ become Warp-Strike, Warp-Strike+ (BRV damage boost; BRV attack + HP attack).
  • When using Warp-Strike, Warp-Strike+:
    • Self: 5 turns "ATK Up I".
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Sword of a Twilight Prince (XV).png Twilight Prince's Sword (XV)
5★ 15
Dark Prince's Power:
  • Slightly increases BRV damage dealt with Shooting Star, Shooting Star+, Death Drop, Death Drop+, Warp-Strike and Warp-Strike+.
Original weapon.
Manikin weapon which is a greyscale version of the Engine Blade.
DFFOO Engine Blade (XV).png Engine Blade (XV)
5★ 15
Awakened Powers:
  • When using Shooting Star, Shooting Star+:
    • BRV damage boost
    • Self: 5 turns "MAX BRV Up I"
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XV.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Gold Bangle (XV)+.png Gold Bangle (XV)+
7★ (EX+) 130
  • Raises HP by 680.
  • Raises MAX BRV by 220.
DFFOO Gold Bangle (XV).png Gold Bangle (XV)
5★ (EX) 70
  • Raises INT BRV by 110
  • Raises DEF by 84
Original design.
DFFOO Prince's Fatigues (XV).png Prince's Fatigues (XV)
5★ 35
  • Raises MAX BRV by 220
  • Raises ATK by 72
Based on its design from Final Fantasy XV.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Command abilities

Shooting Star: 2-hit BRV attack, second strike hits off-targets. Extra hit upon BRV Break or while Armiger is in force.
(Boosted with Awakened Powers Affinity Ability, from Engine Blade (XV): +Self: 5 turns MAX BRV Up I)

Death Drop: Ranged BRV attack. Extra hit upon BRV Break or while Armiger is in force.
(Changes to Warp-Strike with Royal Lineage Affinity Ability, from Airstep Sword (XV): ranged BRV+HP, 5 turns ATK Up I)

EX: Conjure Armiger: 12-hit BRV + 1-hit HP attack. Self:Raises Armiger level by 2 for 5 turns (Limit 5); extra BRV attack while Armiger in effect
(Requires Rune Saber (XV)).

Passive abilities

Unlockables[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

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