Noah van Gabranth is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a legatus of the Garlean Empire's IVth Legion. Thirty years prior to the events of the game, he led the attack on the Kingdom of Dalmasca.



He's yet to be seen with his helmet off. His suit of armor resembles his Final Fantasy XII counterpart Judge Gabranth. He wields a pair of blades.


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Before Stormblood

Legatus of the IVth legion, Noah van Gabranth led his legion against the kingdom of Dalmasca with airships. After seizing many cities, only the Nalbina Fortress remained halting the invaders with a magical barrier. For half a year the legion laid siege to the fortress, eventually conquering it at the cost of seventy thousand souls on each side.

For thirty years the empire struggled to contain violent uprisings, eventually culminating in the infamous Barheim Incident that claimed countless lives. Unable to reassert control, Noah turned to the XIVth legion for assistance.

Return to Ivalice

The IVth Legion and Constructs.

Noah and a group of scientists investigate the top of the Ridorana Lighthouse, built atop the ancestral Garlean city of Goug. He learns about the constructs his ancestors used and plans on sharing his findings to Varis zos Galvus.

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Noah van Gabranth is named after Judge Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII who went by "Noah" before joining the Archadian Empire.

In Abrahamic religions, Noah was the tenth and last of the pre-flood Patriarchs famous for the story of Noah's Ark.

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