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No Encounters (エンカウントなし, Enkaunto Nashi?), also known as Safe Travel or Enc-None, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. The ability eliminates random encounters with enemies, but doesn't affect fixed encounters. There are also similar abilities that reduce the frequency of random encounters.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Safe Travel is an augment in the 3D version obtained by finding Going-my-Way during the Namingway sidequest. It completely eliminates all random encounters.

Final Fantasy VI[]

The Molulu's Charm is a relic only Mog can use, and completely eliminates random encounters. Molulu's Charm is found in the Moogle Cave in Narshe in the World of Ruin by inspecting the spot in the cave where Mog was found earlier.

Another relic, the Ward Bangle, halves the amount of encounters on the field and can be equipped by anyone. It can be obtained by performing well in the Vector Banquet, or by betting the Dragon Horn, Snow Muffler, Lich Ring, or Molulu's Charm in the Coliseum.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The ability Enc-None (エンカウントなし, Enkaunto Nashi?) can be learned from Diablos for 100 AP after learning Enc-Half. This is the only way to learn this ability and it must be equipped for its effects to be put into action.

It will not work during the first trip to the Deep Sea Research Center, during the segment right before fighting Bahamut, as these battles are considered fixed. Nor does it work on the player's approach towards fighting Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea Research Center if they use Zell to open the last door, as this will lead to more fixed battles. It also does not work for the encounters with PuPu and the UFO? on the world map, which can make them easier to find.

The similar ability Enc-Half can be learned from Diablos for 30 AP. Despite its name, it reduces the amount of random encounters by 75%.

Final Fantasy X[]

No Encounters is an auto-ability that can be customized onto an armor by using 30 Purifying Salts. Armor with the No Encounters ability can be dropped by the Ghost and Wraith enemy.

Geosgaeno can drop weapons that have No Encounters attached, however there is no other way of obtaining a weapon with the No Encounters, or customizing it to a weapon. If the Geosgaeno drops an armor, then the player can never naturally obtain a weapon with No Encounters. Weapons with No Encounters aren't renamed to match the ability, but instead use the generic name for a weapon with empty ability slots, suggesting No Encounters was never intended to be equipped to a weapon.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

The accessory Charm Bangle has the ability No Encounters. The ability will not work inside Via Infinito. The player can get one by trading for 500 credits in the Open Air, Inc. at Calm Lands, or winning it as a blitzball prize. It is also an item drop from Logos when fought for the last time in Chateau Leblanc, and a steal from Baralai when fought under Bevelle.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

The Moogle Charm prevents random encounters. It can be acquired after defeating Earth Eater.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

Once the party defeats the final boss, the no encounters triggers when the player enters Arsenal's section. After the battle, the player is free to wander around without the worry of engaging into random encounters. If the player performs the Walking through walls glitch, they can turning off all random encounters by walking into Arsenal's section and then walking back out.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

The Talon's Shield unit when set as its main weapon completely eliminates random encounters, but only while piloting the Talon.

Similar abilities[]

Final Fantasy V[]

Read Ahead is a Level 4 ability on the Oracle class, which requires 300 ABP to master and is found in the GBA, mobile and Steam versions. It halves the random encounter rate.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The Enemy Away Materia reduces enemy encounters. At Level 1, the encounter rate is halved, and at Level 2 and Master, it is cut down by 75%. The effect can be stacked up to the minimum encounter rate of 12.5%. Enemy Away can be obtained from the Gold Saucer chocobo races at B, A and S class.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The Steam and mobile versions have a no encounter mode.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

The Fragment Skill "Encounter Hunter" allows the player to increase or decrease the rate of random encounters. The skill is obtained from Mystic in Serendipity after the player has obtained all fragments from the Yaschas Massif area in all time periods.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King[]

Stealth is a level 1 Exploration ability for the Thief class, and allows the character to avoid encounters with enemies whose levels are lower than the ability's level.

Bravely Default[]

The encounter rate can be disabled/decreased/increased from the game's configuration menu.