The Nintendo 3DS line of handheld systems is the successor to the Nintendo DS line, developed by Nintendo and released in 2011. About the same size as the DS Lite, the top screen is capable of 3D effects without the need for glasses, using a process called autostereoscopy. The console also has an external 3D camera. It is backward-compatible with most DS titles.

The 3DS got a larger version called Nintendo 3DS XL (Nintendo 3DS LL in Japan), released worldwide in 2012. It had screens almost double the size of the original 3DS while keeping the same resolution, longer battery life and a slightly redesigned look, but otherwise works mostly the same. DS games can be run upscaled (default) or in the original resolution utilizing a smaller screen estate.

On August 28, 2013, Nintendo announced the 2DS, a slate-like model which retains all the functionality of the 3DS except for the 3D effect display. The 2DS's screens are cast on a single LCD panel as well. The 2DS plays all 3DS and DS games and was released on October 12, 2013.

Beginning in 2014, Nintendo released a revised 3DS, the New Nintendo 3DS, with improved internal components and additional control elements as well as interchangeable faceplates and upgraded 3D graphics. This model is also available in the XL size.

Three years later, Nintendo released a large-screen folding variant of the 2DS tagged the New Nintendo 2DS XL. This also includes the revised control setup of the New 3DS.

As of 2018, all models of the 3DS line have been discontinued in Europe, leaving the 2DS family available. In other regions, only the original line and the standard New 3DS have been dropped from production.

As with the Wii U, Nintendo has yet to approve a main series Final Fantasy title for distribution outside Japan.

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The Theatrhythm Final Fantasy limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL.

A limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call was released alongside the game in April 2014 in Japan.[2]

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