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A Ninjutsu spell being cast.

Perform various ninja arts.


Ninjutsu is a type of magic in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is usable by Edge Geraldine, Gekkou, Izayoi, Tsukinowa, and Zangetsu. Though all five characters learn Ninjutsu abilities, they learn different abilities at different levels. The Ninjutsu command's Charge Time varies, and its charge time it taken from the spell the player selects to cast.


Ninjutsu MP Cost Description Users Level Image
Flame 7 Deals Fire-elemental damage. Edge Initial FFIV TAY STEAM Flame.jpg
Gekkou Initial
Shock 7 Deals Lightning-elemental damage. Edge Initial FFIV TAY STEAM Shock.jpg
Zangetsu Initial
Flood 7 Deals Ice-elemental damage. Edge Initial FFIV TAY iOS Flood.png
Izayoi Initial
Gale 7 Deals non-elemental damage. Edge Initial FFIV TAY iOS Gale.png
Tsukinowa Initial
Smoke 7 Allows party to escape instantly except in Boss fights. Edge Initial FFIV TAY iOS Smoke.png
Tsukinowa 33
Heal Pill 6 Restores a small amount of HP. Edge 17 FFIV TAY iOS Heal Pill.png
Tsukinowa 9
Izayoi Initial
Shadow Bind 5 Enemy is stopped from attacking for a time. Edge 25 FFIV TAY iOS Shadowbind.png
Zangetsu 20
Mirage 6 User becomes immune to physical attacks for a time. Edge 32 FFIV TAY iOS Mirage.png
Tsukinowa Initial
Restore Weed 15 Removes poison, paralyze, confuse, sleep, blind and curse. Tsukinowa 21 FFIV TAY iOS Restore Weed.png
Flash 7 Inflicts Blind. Gekkou 15 FFIV TAY iOS Flash.png
Zangetsu 11
Heal Salve 21 Restores a moderate amount of HP. Izayoi 15 FFIV TAY iOS Heal Pill.png
Smelling Salts 9 Revives an ally. Izayoi 25 FFIV TAY iOS Smelling Salts.png
Payback Wave 25 Difference in current HP and max HP is dealt as damage. Gekkou 24 FFIV TAY STEAM Payback Wave.jpg
Stealth Kill 30 Can cause instant death to an enemy. Izayoi 40 FFIV TAY iOS Stealth Kill.png
Blast 20 Create destructive fire to attack multiple enemies. Edge 41 FFIV TAY iOS Blast.png
Gekkou 42
Frost 20 Create destructive ice. Edge 45 FFIV TAY iOS Frost.png
Izayoi 42
Blitz 20 Create destructive lightning to attack multiple enemies Edge 48 FFIV TAY iOS Blitz.png
Zangetsu 42
Tremor 20 Start an earthquake. Edge 50 FFIV TAY iOS Tremor.png
Tsukinowa 42


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Ninjutsu, sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpō, is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside of Japan as ninja). The feature of mudras and Sanskrit like writing in their casting refers to the magic of Horiki, being said to be fantastical powers gained in the sects of Mikkyo Buddhism through intensive meditation, and are said to be one curriculum in Ninjutsu said to be responsible for their mythical powers.